Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate Satan -- Part One

Yes, I hate Satan.  One would think that would make me a good Christian, but in fact, it doesn’t.  It makes me all the easier to hate.  In fact, holy people have called me Satan and told me that I was going to hell more times in my life than I care to recount. 

This experience has allowed me to better understand the ways people use their belief in a red-skinned man, who has horns, a cloven tail, hooves, breathes fire, and lives in the center of the earth, to get what they want in life: control. 

Belief in Satan is all about control.

Tomorrow, I will share some of the wisdom I've gained in my life by being called Satan, the devil, Beelzebub, evil, etc.   From these experiences, which I hate, I've gleaned several time-tested methods of calling upon Satan employed to control the universe.

Image Credit:  Satanle Diable,au festival médiéval de Sedan (08 France),le 20 Mai 2007 from Wikimedia Commons.


Deldachez said...

“Belief in Satan is all about control…” and I would add fear. Fear that that control might be taken away from you. So this is my thesis: Insecurity leads to fear, fear to control, and control to a belief in Satan.

Deldachez said...

However, I wouldn’t say that I hate the notion of Lucifer rebelling against the will of God. Isn’t that the ultimate exercise of free will? I think that notion of Lucifer is almost sexy!

oddleft said...

this whole time I thought BEELZEBUB was a word queen made up to fill in the beat...

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