Monday, October 12, 2009

Psalm of My Hatred for Clergy who Perpetrate Sexual Abuse

Psalm 23

The Scandal, Cleric and Host

1A psalm to the perpetrator.

The closet is your shepherd;
Cover-up you shall want.
From holy waters you lead them;
3       To defile their trust.
You are guided along the path of lasciviousness,
For the sake of your denial.
4Because you walk through the altar of the tree of life,
They fear no harm, for you are at their side;
Until your rod and staff ravish their purity.
5You set a bishop before us,
In the presence of the media;
You anoint our ears with papal bull;
Our cup overflows.
6Surely sadness and shame will follow them
All the days of their lives;
You will dwell in the nightmares of the Abused forever.


BR said...

I've really come to enjoy the construction of your personal canon -- the psalms and other bits of literature. This one especially. I can see somewhere down the road a bit from Genesis and, better still, Revelations.