Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of the Gospel of Hate (Protestant Version)

I. Thou shalt honor the power of thy truth by naming it and placing no greater denying gods before it.

II. Thou shalt not worship false distortions about thy emotions.

III. Thou shalt not take the name of thy blogger in vein.

IV. Keep holy thy integrity and honesty.

V. Honor thy secrets, for thou art only as ill as thy secrets.

VI. Thou shalt not kill thy instincts.

VII. Thou shalt not adulterate the strength of thy anger.

VIII. Thou shalt not steal others’ dignity.

IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy own inner truth.

X. Thou shalt not covet, qualify, nor apologize for thy neighbor’s feelings (nor for thy own).

The Ten Commandments of the Gospel of Hate (Catholic Version)

I. Thou shalt honor the power of thy truth by naming it and placing no greater denying gods before it.

II. Thou shalt not take the name of thy blogger in vein.

III. Keep holy thy integrity and honesty.

IV. Honor thy secrets, for thou art only as ill as thy secrets.

V. Thou shalt not kill thy instincts.

VI. Thou shalt not adulterate the strength of thy anger.

VII. Thou shalt not steal others’ dignity.

VIII. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy own inner truth.

IX. Thou shalt not covet, qualify, nor apologize for thy neighbor’s wife’s feelings.

X. Thou shalt not covet, qualify, nor apologize for thy neighbor’s feelings (nor for thy own).


christiana cheon said...

haahahah tom, great job with the site!! mine looks like the cheap walmart version compared to yours. That's a stunning pic as well. (Commandment III- LOL)

Mrs. Levine said...

I was at the gym and this girl got onto the cardio machine next to me. She immediately started competing with my pace. If I went faster than she'd go faster. If I slowed down, she would slow down so that she was still going just slightly faster than me. After 15 minutes all I could think was: I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

Then I rememberd that there was a blog god out there that would hear my prayers. Hate be with you, brother.

Tom said...

Hate be with you, my child! Keep offering your hatred for the salvation of all the repressed souls.

I hate when people do that at the gym! What do they have to prove? It's the same way at the weight machines.

Gym-dude's subliminal message: "I can lift more than you, girly-man"

"Yeah, girlfriend, and you have the steroid shrunken testicles to prove it!

Tanya Smith said...

You definately have put a lot of your time into this site haven't you Tom? Do you know what I hate? I hate those Christmas letters every year bragging about what a perfect year my oh so indignant family has had! I dont care that my perfect cousin(yeah right),and her perfect husband(I dont think so), and their perfect children(not in a million years)are going on their 17th trip to Disney World or that they are going to see the Nascar races for the 6th time! Here's a thought! Why dont you write something REAL! Here, let me help you out! Dear Fam, I'm writing you this Christmas letter in hopes that you can keep my family and I in your thoughts this Christmas. I was laid off twice this year from two different jobs and I just signed my family up for free toys from the Benevolent Society! I really hope my unemployment will hold out at least until AFTER both my kids' birthdays and Christmas! etc. etc etc. See? Now how damn hard is it to be honest? I mean my GOD, if you actually look forward to rubbing your s#*t into your own families faces, then you are more pathetic and worse off than I could ever be! I HATE YOU AND YOUR DAMN LETTERS! SHOVE THEM UP YOUR A@$!!!!!!
Tanya Smith (Westenfelt)
P.S. Thank you Brother Tom
I needed that!

Tom said...

Yes, Sister Tanya! Be purged of your malice! Release the inane Christmas letters and their passive aggressive agendas and judgmental bragging.

I'm glad you feel better. Thanks for using the site for what it was intended. Please come again and commune whenever you feel the need to vent.

Hate be with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom,

How do we get in contact with you via email?

Thank you!

Heretic Tom said...

Click on my picture in the right hand column. Then click on email.

MCandaras said...

Re: last post... That's actually not working. It says your default mail client isn't installed. Anyway, it looks like you're pretty hot, and pretty intelligent, but you've had some very traumatic experiences. Were you really a priest? I just associate priests with older and not-as-good-looking dudes. Anyway, it seems like you're confusing the corrupt racket those Catholic assholes are running over there with the true glory of God. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding your intention here, but, try as you might, there is no excuse for denying your maker and it is very difficult to be forgiven for blasphemy. Just because one faction goes awry doesn't mean the original whole was false to begin with. So, I would just say to really stop and thing about who you're really mad at. Jesus didn't molest you, a demon did, under pretenses of being on God's side. And, either way, it doesn't make a whole whole lot of sense to me to say "HATE be with you" (Did "may the force be with you" get old?) and to congratulate people on feeling negative emotions and not offer any advice in the meantime. I mean, that's easy. Easy and fruitless. A man shall be measured by the fruits he bears. I'll leave you with a bit about me... I've been saved now for about a year and a half and my life has been COMPLETELY changed. I was once a blasphemer... I used to go into Borders or Barnes and Nobles and put all the bibles in the FICTION section and preach against Christianity --- all because of how angry I was with RELIGION. But I would never deny there was a universal God. You can't confuse the two. Long story short, I prayed one night and said I was tired of searching for answers and that if Jesus was real to reveal Himself to me, and He did at that moment and until today, showing me signs everyone of His existence. You can do the same. God wants us to know Him, it's just a matter of saying "Ok, I'm willing to accept the possibility and I want to know the truth." And mean it. You do believe in God, don't you? P.S. - the one and only reason any Christian ever tries to "proselytize" an unbeliever is not for our health... for your health... which means we obviously really believe in this whole "Jesus thing"... and people only truly believe in things when they are shown proof positive (except "religions" where people are born into a way of life and don't question anything because they're dumb sheep) and when people really believe in something, they want to share it... and this "Something" just happens to be a matter of your soul. .......................................You're gambling with your very soul. God be with you, forgive you, and take mercy on you. You know not what you do.

MCandaras said...

Also HT, please don't take my previous comments as rude or judgmental; that would defeat my whole purpose... which I have a healthy habit of doing with my lack of politeness in my aggressive personality. I do need to perfect making the two work together. But I read your "Smurf test" results also and, well, it makes sense. Like me, you aren't afraid to tell it like it is and will be called negative for it, even though there is good and love in you. And hopefully I can be one of "those people" who you allow to "bring you out of your shell". And that goes along well with my results (I took the same test, because yours seemed spot on). I got Papa Smurf. "You are a natural born leader. You are wise for your years and enjoy the simple things in life. You are happiest when those around you are happy and when life is harmonious.
Sometimes you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you genuinely want what is best for others and will make the sacrifices to achieve it. the world is a better place with you in it!"

Heretic Tom said...

MCandaras, the message your computer gives "your default mail client isn't installed" means that you haven't set the shortcut in your computer for clicking on email links online. If you search "default email etc." on Windows, you might find directions for doing so.

I'm an atheist. I do deny that there is a god. I am at peace with the state of my "soul."

I have no problem with people believing in their gods. What I have a problem with is people using their gods and myths to civilly legislate hatred, racism, homophobia, etc. I have a problem with religious institutions using their tax-exempt income to attack my family and my civil rights in elections. I have a problem with hypocrisy preached in the name of love.

"Hate be with you" was sarcasm; a parody of "The Lord be with you." So was the congratulations to a friend of mine about her expressing her hate. In fact, much of the forty day hate rant that started the blog was parody and sarcasm. If you can't read that, then perhaps this is not the blog for you.

As for your statement that I'm "fruitless," I have helped numerous victims of sexual abuse by clergy, who have contacted me because of this blog. This blog is not for you. It's a place for people who've been injured by others in the name of god/religion. It's here to help them find a voice and to express something that perhaps they haven't been able to.

I suggest that you move on from this site. I have no interest in your comments about me "gambling" with my soul. I've heard them all before. I have a Master of Divinity. I was a priest. I know the theology and the scripture. I no longer believe what I was indoctrinated as a child and young adult to believe. I've moved on from that and am better for it.

As for the Smurf Test. It's also a joke. Grouchy was a mascot of the voice that I used in the blog's early rants. I also tested as Papa.

Brian said...

You are my hero Tom!