Friday, November 13, 2009

Heretic Tom Comes Out: One More Time!

      The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. has taken the marriage equality debate to a new low.  If the D.C. Council passes their proposed same sex marriage law, then the archdiocese will withhold its social services from Washington's poor, in protest.  Don't believe the church would stoop this low?  Here's the article in The Washington Post.

     This despicable posturing is blackmail.  If the church can't get its way, it will punish the city by taking it out on the poor.  Sounds horrendous and shocking, but looking at the church's scriptural tradition, there is  precedence for such a transference of punishment onto the poor and vulnerable.    Here a just a few examples: the psychological torture of the boy Isaac; the old testament ban (when invading, kill not only the enemy's soldiers, but also the helpless women, children, and animals); the killing of the Egyptian's firstborn; god taking out the parents' sin on their unborn childJephthah's virgin daughter's blood; god killing Job's children; and the ultimate killing of the innocent Messiah on the cross

     I went to seminary in Baltimore, MD.  I was "formed" into a priest by the Society of St. Sulpice that operates the seminaries in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  I know many priests in these archdioceses that are closeted gays.  I can no longer be silent and anonymous in this fight for gay civil rights.

     Heretic Tom is Tom Rastrelli, graduate of St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore, MD, and former priest of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, IA.  

     I have a story to tell.  It is a story of how the Catholic church, and other religious institutions, preach hate, fear, and shame.  Not love.

     "The Gospel According to Hate," will no longer be a forty day and forty night experiment in exploration and catharsis of my hatred.  In looking deep within my own anger, my own hatred, I have found that nearly all of it is stoked by religious institutions and their hypocritical actions.  This site will continue on, as a forum that exposes the hateful and hypocritical actions and teachings of religious institutions and the people that support them.

    I am here: a voice crying out in the darkness that is "The Gospel According to Hate."


Marlene the Gypsy Queen said...

I am glad the blog is not going away! This is the only blog that I have ever followed! I love checking every day for updates; you have good stuff to say.

Deldachez said...

My dear heretic!
It's been a pleasure experiencing these 40 days with you.
And following your command at the end of today's post I just want to say: I love you Tommy! And I love SHE even if I hadn't met her yet.
Keep writing and teaching!
I myself will do it to!
With much love and admiration!

Gazelle said...

Sing Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out" and let the celebration begin!

Heretic Tom said...

Thanks, Gypsy Queen! It's good to know I have some daily readers.

Thanks, Delda! It's a pleasure to still be on this journey with you.

And thanks, Gazelle, for reminding me to keep singing. I used to sing all the time, but lost that during my priesthood years. I wish I could get that urge to keep singing back.

Mrs. Levine said...

Woo hoo! Let It Out. Do I feel the advent calendar of hate waiting in the wings?

emilymadcat said...

I stumbled across this while doing research for an essay.

Your story is one of profound sadness, and although I know I can't empathise with you, I deeply sympathise.

I'm Church of England, not Catholic - so the instutional pressure is felt to a much lesser extent - but I still know what it's like to feel as if it's impossible to be what God made you in the very place you worship.

However, I hope that one day you will have less hate. Because right now, even though I can understand why you hate the Church so much, I worry that the hate you feel so strongly will drive out love in equal measure. Newton's opposite and equal reactions etc etc.

I'm really sorry if this sounds like a sermon(!) but I was so moved and upset both by what you've been through and your response to it, that I had to say something.

I wish you all the best.