Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tom Podcast Interview

Here's a link to a podcast, in which I'm interviewed!  Enjoy.  My friend Alex, from Living in LA, interviewed me.  He interviews a different person living in Los Angeles every week.  Alex and I first met in a writers group facilitated by LA Writers Group, which was a blast.  In the interview, we chat about my life as a writer in LA as well as my coming out of the closet and leaving the priesthood.  You can also download the podcast for free at iTunes.  Enjoy!


Andy said...

Great interview!

I did theatre in undergrad too!

Mrs. Levine said...

This is a really good interview. I like being able to hear your real voice while perusing your blog. :)

I want to spend a year in Washington making pottery!

Ht. Tom said...

Gazelle, also did theatre in undergrad! What's up with all us ex-actors turned writers? I love it.

Mrs. L., I have to clarify the interview: I threw 99.5% of the pottery during my six month stint at the Southdown Institute in Canada, where I was getting treated for depression and being detoxified of my shame and of the priesthood. (Don't worry, I will blog on this, probably in an upcoming confession.)

I wanted to throw pottery in the year following that, but instead it turned into a year of writing and performing. While living in WA in the mountains, I played the Beast in a musical production of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast," and I wrote a memoir, my life from birth until, what was then, the present. I figured that if I was going to be a writer, I best start by trying to tell my own story, for if I couldn't tell it, how could I tell anyone else's? The memoir is still unpublished. It needs a good rewrite, and then hopefully someday!

I still wish I had time for pottery. Perhaps, someday, when I have a house and can buy my own wheel and kiln. I could hike in the mountains in the morning, write in the afternoon, and throw pottery in the evening before snuggling up to SHE near the fireplace while watching Monday Night Football and old musicals. Oh, now that would be the life!

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