Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6th Hate of Christmas: Caring

     The 6th Hate of christmas according to Heretic Norm E:

     From what I can see or hear, while going about my daily life, is that more and more christ is left out of christmas. I think that is a very good thing. I got a greeting card yesterday that actually wished me a Happy Holiday Season. Even the good catholic families up the street have candy canes, colored lights, and reindeer in their front yards. If any of them have manger scenes, they are keeping them well out of view. A pathetic California teacher is trying to gather enough signatures to allow christmas carols in the schools. Why does she think "Jingle Bells" is a christmas carol?

     I found this article interesting, but it brought out my darker side about christmas. It made me want to pick a fight with Linus of Charlie Brown for his explanation of the meaning of christmas.

     Alas, I am too old and too big to fight with Linus (especially since he is a cartoon character.) The irony of having a cartoon character explain the meaning of christmas is not lost on me though.

     I think we wide-open minds know that christmas is about the winter solstice from ancient times. After that, christmas is about money and spending. Buying presents, over indulging in food and drink, and family battles. The commercialization of the holiday is even alive and well in this time of a weak economy, unemployment, home foreclosures, and the homeless. The Salvation Army bell ringers are in a world of hurt this year taking in 32 % less money than last year. Looks like the generosity in people is a bit tight in this season of giving.

     My biggest hate about the holidays is that people actually expect others to care about them (the holidays). I don't care about christmas, and I have not been awake at midnight on New Year's Eve in many years. I get to use one of my favorite quotations from the old TV show "Maude." Maude was famous for her retort, "Who cares." She said it at least once in every episode of that hit comedy on TV.

     I am going to bake us a pumpkin pie and a fruitcake mainly because we like them. But it would be disingenuous of me not to mention that there is still a hint of nostalgia when I can smell in the house the scents of holidays past and mom's excellent cooking so many years ago.

     I do not exchange gifts or cards with any one, and do not expect gifts or cards from anyone.

     Just so you know I am not a total scrooge, I would love it if Santa gave me this for a present (see photo below). Otherwise, the holidays and anything remotely tied to the birth of you know who is a big "Who cares!"


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