Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For What Purpose, Driven Nations?

     The white-skinned man travels to a land far away where the natives have dark skin.  The white-skinned man has his religion.  The natives have theirs.  The white-skinned man is a preacher, a missionary, and comes in love and preaching goodness.  He promises the natives solutions to all that ails them: disease, hunger, violence, and poverty: sin, but only if they accept the white preacher's god and religion.  Those who descent are ostracized, silenced, and even put to death.  The white preacher's "evolved" religion replaces the native's "childish" and "naive" religions.  The preacher takes control.  The natives fall in line, or else.

     Sounds like something out of Christopher Columbus era North America, right?

     Guess again: this is Africa in 2009, and the preachers are Rick Warren, C. Peter Wagner, and their anointed.  The word is Warren's Purpose Driven Life and Wagner's Dominion and TransformationsThe goal is to transform the world through a "New Reformation," one in which Warren's first two official purpose-driven nations, Rwanda and Uganda, lead the way in forever erasing the boundary between Christian fundamentalist church and state. 

     Article 217 violates Rwandans' basic human rights and is contradictory to the Rwandan Constitution as well as various regional and international conventions. IGLHRC, the Coalition of African Lesbians (CAL), and Rwanda's Horizon Community Association (HOCA) will shortly issue a call to action to demand that the Rwandan Parliament withdraw this article. We urge the international community to act against this proposed law and support the equality, dignity, and privacy of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Rwanda.
     This draft provision targeting LGBT people closely follows the introduction of a similar measure in neighboring Uganda, where the nation's parliament is currently debating an Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The proposed Ugandan law would prohibit all LGBT activism and organizing, would further criminalize consensual same-sex conduct between adults, which is already illegal in Uganda, and in some cases apply the death penalty.

     Rick Warren plays the American political game very well.  He tells the American press that he's going to Africa to combat AIDS and to mobilize churches to provide medical assistance in nations too poor to provide their own populations with medical care (unlike the USA where we could afford it, but we just don't want to join the rest of the "developed" nations and provide medical care to tens of millions of our poorest and most vulnerable citizens).  Who could argue with this Rick Warren, benevolent, politically correct, charming, straight, family-loving man with compassion for the poor and ill?  Who could argue with sending aid to a nation that has experienced horrendous genocide?  I couldn't.  Of course, any compassionate minded human being would want to help end HIV/AIDS and genocide and the suffering they inflict upon the world.  This compassionate Rick Warren even came out against the Ugandan death penalty bill (only after extreme pressure from news media and LGBT rights organizations).

     But like so many persons and religious institutions, this is only one side of Rick Warren, the side that he wants the USA to see.  The hard truth is that some of Warren's "'purpose driven" followers  are members of a group called College of Prayer (COP), and they are tied to origin of the Ugandan and Rwandan anti-gay bills. Warren, himself, no matter how he spins it to the US press, has given his purpose driven nations and COP all the rhetoric they need to justify enacting laws that enforce Warren's fundamentalist version of Christianity upon entire nations.

     Apostle Julius Oyet, President of COP Uganda, is one of the main backers of the Ugandan anti-gay bill.  Talk to Action reports:
      College of Prayer members in Uganda's parliament have spearheaded the push for the new anti-gay bill and, as a story posted on the main College of Prayer website quotes College of Prayer Canada head Rev. David Chotka,
     "I have three-twelve members of the Canadian Parliament who have heard about what God is doing in Uganda and would like to attend the Parliamentary COP in Uganda next year. They are interested in bringing the College of Prayer to the Canadian Parliament."
      The article concludes, "It seems that God continues to expand our spheres of influence. The extraordinary favor of God is resting upon us. All glory to His name!
      As the Talk To Action report, Rick Warren's Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill details, the president of Uganda's College of Prayer, Julius Oyet, has extensive ties to networks associated with C. Peter Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation. Peter Wagner is perhaps the world's leading expert on church growth, and he is an unabashed Christian supremacist. Wagner was also adviser for Rick Warren's 1993 dissertation... on church growth. The report traces ties and parallels between Rick Warren's and Peter Wagner's ideologies and global networks.
      And  for you Christians of other denominations out there, who think your religious freedoms are safe from these people, who may share your same beliefs in the immorality of homosexuality and condoms, Oyet isn't stopping with homosexuals.  Oyet also is targetting Catholics, brags about "saving" them in droves, and encourages rosary burning:
      The 2005 Transformations video An Unconventional War, portrayed Julius Oyet as a hero who helped to end the suffering of Northern Uganda's Acholi people. The video shows Oyet, at the request of President Museveni, supernaturally breaking the power of the Lord's Resistance Army. When Oyet destroys the demonic altars which the video claims gave the rebel army supernatural powers, Acholi children the Lord's Resistance Army had kidnapped are miraculously returned to their parents.
      But Robert Ochola-Lukwiya presents another view of Oyet in his Ph.D. dissertation on the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative - a multi-religious initiative that includes Christians and Muslims. Ochola-Lukwiya reports that Oyet almost provoke a riot, during a 2004 revival crusade Oyet held in the Acholi district of Kitgum, when he called for participants to bring forward their rosary beads and condoms to be burned. Beyond its anti-gay animus, C. Peter Wagner's movement is also virulently anti-Catholic. [See Killing Mother Teresa with their Prayers.]

       This report is worth reading in its entirety.  It ties Warren and Wagner's ideologies and religious mission to Lou Engle of The Call, James Dobson, Thomas Muthee and Sarah Palin,  Martin Ssempa, Billy Graham, The Family, Ted Haggard, and more.

     What constantly fails to make sense to me is how Catholics, Mormons, and conservative members of mainline Protestant denominations will band together with the likes of Warren and Oyet to take away the rights of homosexuals, justifying these actions with their version of god and faith, without seeing the hypocrisy involved in that they are violating other people's religious freedom by imposing their own religion upon all citizens of a country or state.  Not only that, but they are cooperating with religious fanatics that want to completely eradicate the separation of church and state and to end not only homosexuals' rights, but also the rights of people to chose Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, etc. 

     While Rick Warren and those influenced by him are selling themselves as the benevolent saviors of Rwanda, they're your typical historical missionaries who come with a secret agenda.  They want nothing more than to convert the world to their version of Christianity, by reclaiming the so called seven mountains.  This 7 Mountain (7M) Mandate involves fundamentalist Christianity taking over all the fields of influence over society in order to take control of the world.

      When Warren speaks to his own followers, he speaks of his "revolution" and "the radical devotion" that he demands.  Who does he look to for examples of this radical devotion?  Who does he hope to emulate in this respect?  Hitler, Mao, and Lenin are his role models for creating committed, devoted followers, and like the Borg: resistance is futile, you will be assimilatedIf you descent or question your leadership, you will be thrown out (click here for a report upon this).

     This is not the Rick Warren you hear on ABC news and praying over President Obama:  


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Bravo, to your blog. Heretical, no. Seems more to be The Gospel according to Enraged Tears (i.e., the genuinely contrite heart proactively trampling on Pharisaic disinformation). But hate? No. That word is reserved for identifying evil. Forgive the boldness to share this.

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No problem with the boldness, +JN1034. Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting what I'm trying to do with this blog.