Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let's Put Your Life up for Debate

     Online yesterday, the BBC asked the question, "Should homosexuals face execution?"  Should we gays and lesbians be put to death?  Seriously.  Just asking the question implies that it's up for debate and that both sides have legitimate arguments.

     When the genocide in Rwanda was going on, did the BBC ask "Should Tutsis face execution?"  When the ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia was going on, did the BBC ask "Should Muslims face execution at the hands of Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs?"  And what about Sudan and the current Muslim-lead extermination of Christians and animists?  So, BBC, why ask the question of orientation cleansing?

     Why not ask the real question that lies at the root of issue: Should religious people be allowed to continue murdering people in the name of their god?  If the BBC really wanted to ruffle some feathers, they could have asked "Should all religious people be executed?"  This question is just as absurd as asking whether homosexuals should be put to death. 

     The BBC eventually changed the question to "Should Uganda debate gay execution?"  Which in my opinion is not much better.  The government in Uganda is in fact debating this horrendous question and fundamentalist Christians are encouraging it.  BBC, why encourage hate-filled responses calling for the blood of all homosexuals throughout the world?  Do you enjoy rubbing death threats in our faces?

     I have some questions for BBC, the United Nations, and the news media.  Why aren't we also challenging the gay death penalty and life prison sentences in the other countries that have them?  Why not threaten them with the same withholding of aid that we threaten Uganda?

  • Iran
  • Mauritania
  • Saudi-Arabia
  • Sudan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
  • Nigeria
     I wonder how many of my tax dollars have gone to aid and finance the governments of these nations, where I would be put to death.  This makes me sick.  Surely, the U.S. could speak to our "ally" Saudi Arabia about this issue, or are we too afraid of losing our oil connections?

     And what of the 86 member nations of the UN that still punish being homosexual with prison sentences up to and including life? Would we allow the same to hold for people with blue eyes, or red hair?  Or for Catholics or atheists?  Or why not execute adulterers or rape virgins and kill them?

     Uganda is the tip of the iceberg.  The calls for justice and equality for homosexuals need to be heard throughout the world.
     Postscript: I don't recall any moment in history when the gays banded together to exterminate their religious persecutors or to kill all the straights. 


Danielle Lenglet said...

I will never understand why sexual orientation is even an issue. At all. We love who we love. I know that's a very liberal stance, but isn't it that simple? Just when I think we've come a long way, I see shit like this that makes me lose my lunch appetite. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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