Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lou Engle: Macho Man or Savage?

     Lou Engle, fanatic anti-gay Christian preacher who gave you San Diego's The Call and most recently the Washington D.C. "prayercast" to pray for the failure of healthcare reform (attended by Republican politicians), is getting ready to take his show on the road to Uganda this spring in order to encourage Christian "martyrdom" in the face of gay rights.

     This preacher (who sounds more like Macho Man Randy Savage before an old all-star wrestling match) has been calling for young Christians to take up the cause and become martyrs for their faith in their stand against "immoral" secularism, healthcare for all U.S. citizens, homosexual equality, and reproductive rights.  

     In our post-9/11 world, this all sounds a bit familiar, and it's meant to.  Engle repeatedly looks to radical Muslims as his guide and preaches that he mourns that fact that Islam's followers know how to die for their faith, while Christians have become soft and forsaken martyrdom.  He's also called for a second civil war in the United States and speaks of and "underground" Christian church that plans to take over the world.

     Now, Engle sounds like he's way out on the fringe, right?  But, surprisingly, he's not.  He has ties to Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Rick Warren, Representative (of what?) Michele Bachmann, Sen. Jim DeMint, and Engle's divinely-inspired old roommate Sen. Sam Brownback Brokeback, just to name a few.

     A fantastic article by Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action has just been reblogged on LGBT POV, and I've been paraphrasing Wilson throughout this post.  Please take the time to read his entire post "Will Lou Engle take his mega-antigay TheCall to Uganda?"  It's the most exhaustive research I've found thus far on the web on Lou Engle and his ties to U.S. and African politics.

     For coverage of Engle's anti-healthcare-reform "prayercast"  with Senators DeMint and Brownback watch the embedded link below:


Jeepguy said...

Hi Tom-
Ol' Lou is definitely on the savage list, IMO. Although, any self-respecting savage would readily see that this guy is totally cu-koo and needs to be hunted down and fed to hungry lions.

"...he mourns that fact that Islam's followers know how to die for their faith, while Christians have become soft and forsaken martyrdom." Maybe he ought to be the first to set a good example for the rest of his cohorts to follow. He could publicly disembowel himself at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. Knock yourself out, Lou!
We could all do with a little less hate.

Take care,

Heretic Tom said...

Amen, amen, Gary.

Anonymous said...

It IS the gods fault:::They manage planet earth through their clone hosts and, being the control freaks they are, everything is PRECISELY as they wish.
True, in most 99% of cases it is their primary tool, Artificial INtelligence, doing all the work. But events like this Situation is when they get personally involved and we get a glimpse into their true pathology.
Yes, some of it could be misleading temptation. So it's ok to be evil as long as the ends justify the means??
Immoral hypocrites.
crab $5,95 a pound.