Monday, December 14, 2009

The Myth of Republican Fiscal Responsibility

     "Democrats spend too much."  How many times have you heard that complaint from the Right

     We can't join the rest of the world's industrialized nations (including Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka) and provide health care for all our nation's citizens, but we can bail out Wall Street to be sure that corrupt executives keep getting their exorbitant salaries.  We can keep fighting George W. Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have cost our nation upwards of $943,000,000,000 and still rising.

     There is a grand fiscal myth in American politics, as this chart illustrates:
     Yes, that's right: under Democrat Bill Clinton the United States had its biggest budget surplus in the past fifty years.  And who ran up the three biggest budget deficits?  You guessed it: the last three Republican presidents: Reagan, Bush, and W. Bush.  So, why do the Right Wing attack dogs think they can preach to Democrats about spending and fiscal responsibility? 

     The Republican dogma of Democratic fiscal irresponsibility is a myth.  Those who preach it are hypocrites.

     One of the biggest hypocrites of the lot, one of the Senators who is leading the charge to derail a public option in the healthcare reform bill is Connecticut (health insurance capitol of the nation) Senator Joe Lieberman (Democrat, Independent, Hypocrite).  After taking a more than $3 million dollars combined from the health care and health insurance lobbies, it is in Lieberman's best interest to kill health care reform.  It's not in the nation's best interest and the 77% of Americans that want a public option.

     It's time to confront the myth that Republicans have the monopoly on fiscal responsibility.  The truth is that future generations of Americans will be paying off both Daddy Bush and Sonny Bush's wars, while the United States continues to lag behind in health care services.  We're 23rd in infant mortality, 20th in life expectancy for women, 21st for men, and 67th in immunizations right behind Botswana.