Monday, November 9, 2009

I Still Hate (Bad) Religious Art

More proof of the thin line between love and hate.

Hippie Burger King Jesus

Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Sniffle the Little Children
Is that Baby Magic?

Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

BFF Jesus:  SWM, tri-curious, hairy, into natural body smells, foot washing (trust me, it's hot!), birds, fantasy, role playing, blood, S&M, and asphyxiation, prostitutes, lepers, and putting life into the dead ;)  Seeking virgin mothers, daddies who like to punish obedient sons, and codependent, needy, guilt-ridden, confused persons looking for an eternal relationship in which they will never be good enough.  Let's meet tonight.  In the park, or at the Olive Garden.
Image Credit: Perspicacious Girl

The Trick (in the Park) Is on You Jesus
Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Magic Jesus: The Famous Bird-Comes-out-of-the-Bible Trick
Image Credit: PicturesofJesus4You

Touchdown Jesus

Dropkick me, Jesus.  End over end!