Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gay Death

  The Colbert Report's response to Gov. Donald Carcieri's veto of a bill in Rhode Island that would have legalized gay death.
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Washington Blade: Resurrection

     After its sudden and unexpected shut down early this week, it seemed the LGBT newspaper, The Washington Blade, was dead forever.

     The former Blade staff reports:

     The news that parent company Window Media was shuttering and liquidating its newspapers came as a shock to the staff, some of whom devoted their careers to the paper that became an institution. We were ushered out the doors of our offices with no severance, canceled paychecks and more questions than answers about why this was allowed to happen.
     This is a horrendous experience for any person to go through, but the good news is that the former Blade staff is reporting this from their new publication DC AgendaThe Blade has been reborn.

     I for one am thankful for the persistence of these LGBT pioneers and activists.  You can support their new endeavor by clicking here.

Straight Talk with Jon Stewart

     So let me get this straight.  Very straight.  It's okay for straight people to talk about their families at work, but not for us LGBTs.  We can't even mention our "so-called" families at work.  That's so Christian of you, Peter. 
     I like Jon Stewart's proposal for protecting kids from anti-gay bullying.  I knew there was a divine plan for All-Star Wrestling!

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