Friday, December 4, 2009

N.O.M. Claims a God-Given Right to Vote Away Marriage Equality

     According to Towleroad, Executive Director of the National Organization of Marriage (NOM) Brian Brown, who brought you CA Proposition 8 and Maine Question 1 and the "Gathering Storm," stated the following in response to the Washington D.C. Council's 11-2 preliminary vote to approve equality for gays and lesbians:
      NOM will be proud to fight alongside Bishop Harry Jackson to make sure politicians hear the people's voice loud and clear: don't mess with marriage. We will fight in Congress. We will fight through the courts to get this to the people of D.C. who have a God-given right to vote for marriage.
     "God-given right"?  Isn't that what slave owners argued from as well?  And terrorists?  And crusaders? etc.

The Vatican Blames Homophobic Statement on the Media - Big Surprise!

     The Catholic Church once again blames the media for its latest homophobic outburst that gays "will never go to heaven."

     The Catholic News Agency reports:
     Italian Vatican analyst Andrea Tornielli said this week that the statement, “Homosexuals and transsexuals will never enter the Kingdom of God,” attributed to Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Health Care, is “very likely” an “improper synthesis on the part of the interviewer,” Italian journalist Bruno Volpe.
     Tornielli explained that “the Church is right to condemn a certain homosexual ideology, but she cannot close the gates of paradise to homosexuals and transsexuals because judgment, thanks be to God, waits for God, and Catholic theology has always taught that the possibility of repentance of one’s sins imploring divine mercy exists until the end.”
     For this reason, and considering the fact that Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan “is a theologian,” Tornielli continued, “I cannot believe that he made these statements, which in all likelihood are an improper synthesis on the part of the  interviewer,” Italian journalist Bruno Volpe.
     Of course!  It was the media's fault and not holy (dysfunctional) mother church's fault.

     It has nothing to do with the church's catechism, paragraph 2358 which conveniently states: Every sign of unjust discrimination in their [homosexuals'] regard should be avoided." Which leaves wide open the embrace and practice of what the church sees as just discrimination.  For examples see California Proposition 8 and Maine Question 1.

More on the Gay Death Penalty In Uganda

     The human rights disaster in Uganda known as Bill Number 18 and U.S. involvement in the creation of the bill continues to get messier

     It is now known that Bill Number 18 calls for life imprisonment for people who commit acts of homosexuality, the death penalty for acts of "aggrivated" homosexuality, prison sentences for attempts to commit acts of homosexuality, prison sentences for people who know that someone is gay but don't report it to the government, and the extradition of Ugandan citizens from around the world who commit homosexual acts in other nations back to Uganda where they would be killed or put in prison for life.

     Rachel Maddow is doing a multi-segment report on the bill and its connections to U.S. pray-away-the-gay Christian religious leaders: Rick Warren of Saddle(broke)back Church; Don Schmierer of Exodus International (which preaches "the message of Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ"); Caleb Lee Brundidge of the International Healing Foundation; and Scott Lively of Defend the Family.  Also mixed deep into the origin of the Ugandan bill are members of "The Family."  Maddow is challenging these folks to condemn Bill Number 18 and to challenge the Ugandan government not to pass it.  For more information, Queerty has done a great job looking into the different U.S. political and religious players involved in Uganda.

    As far as I can find in my research, the U.S. government and President Obama have yet to make a statement against the Ugandan bill; however, other nations are making a standThe Daily Monitor reports:
In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government called the proposed law “vile and hateful”, while Britain’s Gordon Brown raised the issue with President Museveni during the recent Commonwealth summit in Trinidad and Tobago. 
According to comments attributed to Gunilla Carlsson, Sweden’s development assistance minister, the Swedish government says it would cut aid [$50 million annually] to Uganda over an anti-gay law they find “appalling”.  Ms. Carlsson said the law would make it “much more difficult” for Sweden to continue helping Uganda.
     Click here for a petition asking President Obama to join other world leaders in speaking out against the bill.

     For the perspective of a gay Ugandan, here's a link to the blog: Gay Ugandan.

     There are a number of religious leaders taking a stance against this bill.  Kudos to them.

     Here are Rachel Maddow's telling reports:

"Uganda Be Kidding Me"