Friday, December 11, 2009

More Maddow Coverage of Uganda's Kill-the-Gays Bill

     Here is more of Rachel Maddow's continuing coverage of the Uganda Bill Number 18 (the kill-the-gays bill):

     More on Americans encouraging anti-gay sentiment in Uganda: Richard Cohen's involvement, American anti-gay activist Scott Lively urging the Ugandans to show "zero tolerance" towards homosexuality, and an interview with an Anglican priest who went undercover to the meetings that made the bill happen in Uganda. Big surprise: they are telling people in the U.S. one thing (we are against this bill) and telling people in Uganda another thing (zero tolerance for HIV-positive gays).

     Maddow uncovers more ties between elected U.S. officials, who are in "The Family," and their ties to the kill-the-gays bill in Uganda.

     Rick Warren finally comes out against the Ugandan Bill his actions helped to create.

Auditions/Submission for "The 12 Hates of Christmas"

     Dear Disciples of the Gospel According to Hate:

     In celebration of the holiday season and the coming of the Santa Christ, I'm inviting readers of the Gospel According to Hate to write guest posts about what they hate most about the holidays.

     Why hate?

     Well, the holiday season is a season of joy and celebration, but it can also be a season of deep repression and a powder keg for familial bloodsport.  I invite you to safely let it all out here, so that you don't lose it when Great Aunt Trudy asks you why you still aren't pregnant for the thirty-third time, or when Dad makes you play Trivia Pursuit all night long, or when your in-laws toss veiled barbs about you not going to church again on Christmas morning, or when Grandma gives you that excessively moist kiss that smells of coffee and cigarettes, or when your Uncle Walter drinks himself under the table and goes on and on about how different things would be if he were president.

     I hope to receive and use twelve posts that I will post starting on Christmas day.  The series will be called "The Twelve Hates of Christmas."  Although, the subject matter can be about anything to do with the various holidays of the season.

      If you're worried about it being too difficult, here's a possible way of going about writing a piece.  Spend about twenty minutes writing about something that absolutely drives you nuts about the holidays.  Spend about another twenty reading it out lout and polishing it.  And spend a few more minutes to gather any weblinks to which you want me to hyperlink.  Wait one day and then come back to it for twenty more minutes to rewrite fine points, etc.  All together, you could have a piece in well under 75 total minutes.

     Please limit your piece to no more than 700 words.  Short pieces, even under 100 words or just a picture or a poem that captures what you hate, are perfectly acceptable.

     Type it up and send it to me at by Friday December 18.  Attach any pictures you want posted in the post as well.  Also, let me know if you have a blog to which you want the post linked.

     Also, if you want me to use a pseudonym to protect your identity when I post your submission, that is okay.  Just let me know what you'd like it to be.  I promise not to give you up.

     I reserve the right to edit or not print everything you write, but as you know, my blog is pretty much no holds barred, so have fun! 

     Heretic Tom