Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Children and Gays

     While I'm not able to watch the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger proceedings on television or youtube, there are many reporting in print upon the event. 

     Here are a few resources:
     Kristin testified about growing up in Bakersfield, constantly being made to feel different and inferior because she was a lesbian. If Prop 8 could be undone, Kristin testified, "kids like me growing up in Bakersfield could never know what that felt like, their entire lives would be on a higher arc, it would improve the entire quality of their life."
     That's one aspect of the LGBT rights issue that many conservatives and straight people don't seem to get.  We, who are in the sexual orientation minority, grew up in a world where we were forced to be straight, where we never had the opportunity to just be kids and to figure out how to date other kids like us.  We were bullied not only at school, but by preachers in our churches, evangelists on our televisions, and family members at our dinner tables, who berated homosexuals.  We lived in fear of being exposed, and thus were trained at early ages that in order to survive, we had to live a lie.  If that's not child abuse, what is?

     I find it completely hypocritical, when the "traditional" marriage side argues that LGBT persons are about perverting and abusing children.