Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Devil and Pat Robertson

     The unimaginable destruction that rocked Haiti this week is tragic in the most complete sense of the word.  The images and stories of total destruction coming out of Haiti would move any human being to action, empathy, and mourning; however, those who practice the Gospel According to Hate, see better to use Haiti for their own purposes.

     The laughably "Reverend" Pat Robertson quickly blamed the devastating earthquake on the leaders of the two-hundred year old Haitian slave revolt that ousted the French.  According to Robertson, the slaves made a "deal with the devil" to get rid of the French, and this earthquake is god's ongoing punishment of the people .  Robertson called for prayer for Haiti's repentance.  This is to the shame of not only Christians, but human beings everywhere, especially the ones that died in Haiti, including some of Robertson's fellow believers, including the Roman Catholic Archbishop Miot of Port-au-Prince and Dr. Zilda Arns Neumann, founder of a service organization for Haitian children, not to mention possibly more than 100,000 others, people of all creeds and ages. 

     To what god does Pat Robertson pray?  And why anyone is still following this bigoted and self-serving ignoramus is beyond my comprehension.  In a time when we should all be coming together to support the suffering people in Haiti, Robertson is scapegoating and tossing his own projections of a mythological satan  upon blameless victims in order to appease his own faith's impotence in the face of such inexplicable tragedy.  Robertson is a sick bastard and a hypocrite to the supposedly loving Christ he claims to preach. 

     Not far behind is another high-priest of the Gospel According to Hate, radio-hack Rush Limbaugh, who immediately spun the Haitian tragedy to his self-serving gospel of right-wing extremism and not-so-veiled racism.  Limbaugh stated that President Obama's swift response to the tragedy is a ploy to win credibility with the both the "light-skinned and dark-skinned black community."  But, he's not a racist and not a bigot!  Limbaugh went further, telling a caller not to give to charities helping Haiti because our country has already done enough for them.  Why is anybody still paying this sorry excuse for a human being to be on the air?

     In response to both Limbaugh and Robertson, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs succinctly  responded that their comments were "really stupid."  I couldn't agree more.

     My dear friend from high school, Pooja Bhatia, is working in Haiti as a fellow for the Institute of Current World Affairs.  I am relieved and thankful that she survived the quake.  Here's an article that she co-authored for The Wall Street Journal.  She has also written an op-ed in the New York Times about  the place of god in such tragedy, entitled "Haiti's Angry God."  She reports:
     Entire neighborhoods have vanished. The night of the earthquake, my boyfriend, who works for the American Red Cross, and I tended to hundreds of Haitians who lived in shoddily built hillside slums. The injuries we saw were too grave for the few bottles of antiseptic, gauze and waterproof tape we had: skulls shattered, bones and tendons protruding from skin, chunks of bodies missing. Some will die in the coming days, but for the most part they are the lucky ones.
      If you are interested, you can follow Ms. Bhatia's tweets, here.

Pat Robertson's explanation of the Haitian earthquake:

Haitian Ambassador Joseph's response to Robertson:

Keith Olbermann's scathing response to Robertson and Limbaugh:

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Eugene Robinson's response:


Jeepguy said...

Hi Tom-
I'm glad your friend in Haiti is ok. I can't even imagine what it is like down there. It was bad enough before the earthquake.

I,too, posted Keith Olbermann's comment on my blog. I really think he hit the nail on the head when he said that Robertson and Limbaugh "serve no good and serve no god."

These two bozos are going to hate themselves out of existence sooner or later, and IMO, sooner would be much better!

Thanks for posting this.


Heretic Tom said...

Thanks, Gary. I am relieved that my friend survived as well. I hope the relief efforts are able to get in there and get food and water to people before starvation and thirst kick in.

Someone needs to check Robertson and Limbaugh into a home for the chronically deranged and those lacking the basic human ability to be compassionate.