Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Mardi Gras Delusion

     Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we repent!

     I love the unabashed free-for-all attitude of Mardi Gras, but there's something about holy Christians indulging in gluttonous and lecherous acts under the guise of making up for it by fasting for the next forty days that stinks of hypocrisy to me.  

     Are sex, drinking, and eating really the best they can do when it comes to an "honest" indulgence in sin?

    What about pride, deceit, wrath, envy, and greed; the things that so many Christians, their clerics, and their congregations do on a daily basis without thinking twice about it?  These are ignored on Mardi Gras as much as they are during Lent, when it's much easier to focus on the bodily sins, sins considered lesser infractions by many a theologian, including Dante.  

     If  Christians really want to be consistent in their Mardi Gras debauchery and coming Lenten repentance,  they should issue special Fat Tuesday proclamations condemning adulterers and child abusers, while lying about and protecting their sexually abusive, manipulative, and cheating clerics.  

     Why not hold a press conference and  tell the world that there are no gay Catholic priests and seminarians or no gay Mormons?

     How about issuing statements admitting that they really can't stand and don't believe in ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, because each of them pridefully believes that they have the true version of god's will divinely bestowed upon them and that everyone else is going to hell?  They could dance around and drink to the fact that they are each the one, true church, and they could follow that up with statements that are honest about their wrath towards Jewish people because "they" crucified Jesus (even though Jesus supposedly had to die for the sins of his followers, which means that Christians are kind of responsible for his death).  The Pope and Christian leaders could declare a new Crusade to take back the Holy Land oil from the Muslim infidels.  

     Preachers and wealthy Christians should be issuing Shrove Tuesday statements about how much money they horde and have made in god's name, and and they should spend the day ripping off a few extra million dollars from the masses for their personal gain while smoking thick illegal Cuban cigars and dressed in clothing made in Third World sweat shops while gloating about all of the above.

     Christian leaders everywhere could hold a Mardi Gras summit, and one after another they could  step forward and blaspheme the holy spirit, bow to a golden statue of Adam Smith, and swear allegiance to Baal as the one true god.

     This would at least be an honest Mardi Gras, instead of hiding behind the sex, drinking, and overeating to keep from admitting one's deeper sin.  

     Who knows?  Maybe with that all that pride, envy, wrath, and deceit out in the open, lent would really make a difference.


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