Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cuban Priest Ernesto Garcia Rubio Allowed to Sexually Abuse in Miami under the Protection of the Papal Nuncio for Thirty Years

     Yet another Vatican cover-up of sexual abuse has been exposed.

     This case involves a pedophile priest named Ernesto Garcia Rubio who sexually abused in Cuba before being transfered to Miami as part of a Vatican-ordered cover-up, where he conintued to abuse under the protection of the Papal Nuncio.

     Documents sent to AFP by lawyers representing a man who claims he was sexually abused as a teen by Father Ernesto Garcia Rubio claim the Papal Nuncio - the Vatican ambassador to the US - asked the church in Miami to protect Father Garcia after he moved there from Cuba in 1968 after "serious difficulties of a moral nature".
    "He was in ministry here in Miami for about 30 years and during that time we know of about a dozen victims that he abused," said Jessica Arbour, a lawyer for the unnamed victim and five others who are suing the archdiocese of Miami for alleged abuse between 1977 and 1987.
     "There was definitely a concerted effort at all levels - from the Vatican to the archdiocese of Miami and even the Cuban diocese he was originally ordained for - to cover up for and protect this guy.  At the Vatican's request - they said, 'Please protect him' and that's what they did for 30 years."
     And guess what happened when a bishop tried to have Garcia Rubio punished according to church procedures:
     When a bishop in the 1990s began the process of defrocking Father Garcia, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome "lost the paperwork", Ms Arbour said.
     That's the same CDF that Pope Benedict (then-Ratzinger) was running in the 1990s, when Ben refused to defrock a serial pedophile in Wisconsin, who abused an estimated 200 deaf boys.

     It's raining victims, sex tapes, pedophile-priests, and now Vatican-implicated cover-ups.  The Catholic church is full of hypocrites, who have no regard for their children or for the frail mystery of the god they preach.

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truthspew said...

Wow, I thought the scandals in the U.S. during recent history were bad but this really paints a damning picture of Benedict XVI.

He really needs to step down but who will replace him that doesn't have the complicity in hiding priest sexual abuse?

As you theorized regarding Pope Joan, maybe they could dig into the group of nuns for the next Pope.