Friday, March 12, 2010

Even Bill O'Reilly Thinks Boulder Catholic Church Was Wrong to Expell Child

     What would Jesus do about the spawn of gay and lesbian parents?  Would he have kicked the girl with two mommies off the Mount?  Would he have barred his classmates with two daddies from entering the Temple?  Would he have let the centurian's daughter dead had he known where her father had been poking his spear?

     The Advocate reports that O'Reilly took down Father Jonathan Morris on FOX.  Saying that kids don't have any power over who their parents are.  Morris said that the church had to enforce its beliefs.  The child must pay for the sins of the parents.  Ask Jephthah's daughter!

     Here's a bit of the exchange:
     "But I'm going to submit to you that heterosexual couples — because we're all sinners — what if it's a divorced couple, and the person remarries outside of the church," O'Reilly said. "Are you going to expel those kids?" He added that there could also be instances of kids whose parents run into legal troubles or are living together out of wedlock.
     Morris countered that it was the decision of the parents to send their child to a Catholic school and that it then becomes their job to teach the Catholic faith.
     That settles it then, all children of parents who do anything contrary to any Catholic teaching must be kicked out of the Catholic school system.  Fantastic!  Now all those parishes that are in the red trying to keep their schools open can spend money doing things that really matter, like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and tending to the homeless alien.


truthspew said...

The Catholic schools I attended really didn't give a rats ass whether my parents were practicing Catholics or not.

They understood the motivation of those little pieces of green paper that have pictures of dead presidents on them.

Here's a laugh for you by the way. Back in the early 1990's I owned the domain (Church of the Dead Presidents). When I let it go the Center for Democracy Project got it.

I think it's available again. I just may register it.

FDeF said...

I never understood why they expelled the "bad" kids from Catholic school - I always thought they were the ones who were most in need of what the Catholic school stood for. Now, well its all Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Heretic Tom said...

Go for it, truthspew. I've heard that those three letter domains are hard to get.

FDeF, I agree completely.