Sunday, March 21, 2010

If the Tea Party Ran the Country: the United Hates of America

"Our national discourse has devolved to the point of name calling and spitting."

     -Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) Missouri after he was spit upon by tea-baggers protesting the healthcare bill

     Let's let the tea-baggers run the country!  After all, they claim to be doing their Christian god's will, a god who apparently would have had his only son refuse to heal the lepers that were too poor to afford health insurance.

     Things have gotten very ugly in Washington this weekend as the Tea Party has again taken to lies, hatred, bigotry, and verbal abuse in an attempt to stop any sort of healthcare reform.  But it's okay, because they have god on their side.

     ABC News reports that a mob of protesting tea-baggers called  Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) the F-word (the name for those that religious persons use to burn at the stake).  Watch the video below.  Also, he was called a "homo communist."

     African American congressmen were also targeted in the bigoted attacks.  Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) and Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indiana) were called the N-word (the word for those that religious people used to lynch).  Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Missouri) was spit upon by the gospel-toting good Christians of the Tea Party.
     Here's the ABC News report:

     Here's a video of a reporter interviewing Tea Party members, who are unable to intelligently articulate what they are protesting in the healthcare reform bill.  What would Jesus do?  One would assume he'd read the damn bill before protesting it.


truthspew said...

The Tea Party/Tea Bagger phenomenon is of great interest to me.

I say a lot of it motivated by seething racial bigotry. But curiously here in RI the Tea Party folks seem to be more anti-tax.

Makes sense really, even I get pissed at the taxes we pay in this state for the benefit we derive from them.

But in the south and west, it's racist to the core.