Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nazi Ratzinger's Sieg Heil Photo is a Fake

     In December, I posted about Pope Benedict XVI's Nazi history and how he was a member of Hitler Youth.  There is an unintended mistake in my post.

     During my research the pope's brother Georg Ratzinger, who has landed himself in the middle of the clergy sexual and physical abuse scandal rocking Germany, I found a picture of the Ratzinger brothers celebrating Mass together (supposedly on their ordination day).  Here is the photo, via Getty Images.
Comedy/Drama: a Ratzinger Epiclesis
Georg is the smiling one.  The future Pope Ben the constipated one. 

     This is the picture that I found during my research in December.  This picture is being circulated around the internet as Pope Benedict doing the Sieg heil.
     Do you see what I see? 

     The Sieg heil photo is a crop of the angry epiclesis photo. 

     This doesn't change the fact the Ratzinger was a member of Hitler Youth, that much of what he does as pope is harmful to people, and that he transfered a pedophile priest, who continued to abuse other boys, but it does clarify this photo, which is a fabrication.


Deldachez said...

Epiclesis! Now that's a word that brings back memories.

Heretic Tom said...

How ironic that I had this post set to automatically post today, which it did, and that today would be the day Benedict would finally get his dirty hands exposed in the sexual abuse crisis!

cantueso said...

But priests hold both their hands up like that when they give a benediction. It does not look like a Nazi salute!

Heretic Tom said...

Because they cropped out his left hand from the previous picture.

I'm no fan a Ratzinger. There's plenty of proof that he was a member of Hitler Youth, but this picture is not.