Friday, March 19, 2010

Pope Benedict Opens Mouth to Irish Church in Pastoral Letter about Sexual Abuse

     Today's Roman Catholic Mad Libs:
Pope Benedict _____ has signed a _____ addressed to the Irish church in response to the _____ sexual abuse scandal.  Open mouth.  Insert _____.

    Bishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg told Bavarian Radio on Tuesday that he was surprised by the number of [sexual abuse] cases that had come to light, and that the matter had to be dealt with openly and directly. “It’s bitter and it’s hard, but it absolutely has to be worked through,” he said. “This abscess must be opened and dried out so that it can heal.”
     Not the best choice of words, Schick: "bitter," "hard," "opened," and "absolutely has to be worked through."  Perhaps it's best if, from now on, clerics just keep their mouths shut, especially around altar boys.

     Not so for Pope Ben, who has opened his mouth again, amid his own alleged involvement in the sexual abuse scandal, by writing a "pastoral letter" to the Irish churchSigned today, the letter will be unveiled tomorrow

     How can anyone who has been a part of the hierarchy that harbored abusers at the expense of the victims speak with any dignity and authority concerning victims of sexual abuse and future preventative measures?  Pope Benedict needs to shut his mouth and resign.