Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sinead O'Connor Calls Pope Benedict's Letter to the Irish Church "A Study on the Fine Art of Lying"

     My fellow heretic and survivor of sexual abuse, Sinead O'Connor and I agree about Pope Benedict's pastoral letter to the Irish bishops concerning the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy and the cover-up that followed at the hands of the bishops.

    In response to a papal letter apologizing to Irish victims of sexual abuse by priests, O'Connor said in a statement that the Vatican's strategy "is to sell the bishops down the river . . . making it seem (and they will try this in every country) that the Irish hierarchy were acting independently of the Vatican. That is a lie. . . . Yesterday's letter is a study on the fine art of lying and betraying one's own people." Pope Benedict avoided any direct mention of the abuse scandal on Sunday, his first public address since releasing the letter.
     I couldn't agree with you more, Sinead: "Yesterday's letter is a study on the fine art of lying and betraying one's own people."  However, I have no doubt that, in his pure and sacred heart, Hypocrite Benedict XVI believes that he is not lying. 

     When I was in seminary, I was formed in a system where the priests in power told me that it's not lying if you believe that the people who seek the information (about which you are not telling the entire truth) have no right to that information.  For example, if someone has a gun to your head and will kill you if you tell them the truth, they don't have a right to the truth and your life is more important, so it's not a lie to withhold the truth. 

     Here's a more practical example.  If you are gay and you believe you are called to be a priest in the Catholic church, the seminary faculty and bishop think you're golden, and the Holy Spirit is working through your gifts to help so many people find peace, truth, and healing in Jesus, then it's not lying to mislead people about your sexual orientation making them believe you're straight.  Your being gay is privileged information of the "internal forum" that others have no right to, so misleading them is not lying.

     Benny Boy (lover) has a loaded gun to his Christi capitis right now, and he believes that his vulnerable flock would be scandalized by his telling the whole truth.  He's not going to tell them the entire truth, but half-truths, using projection and misdirection, anything to protect his holy dysfunctional mother church and his own hemrroidal hairy Auschwitz.  And the beautiful thing about lying like this is that, Bentadict can lie in a letter on Saturday morning, confess sins of omissionon on Saturday afternoon, and then chew up and swallow Jesus at Mass on Saturday night. 

Rip away!

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truthspew said...

Interesting about being able to lie about things which other people have no right to know.

The Muslims do that too. No wonder their religion is such a Cluster Fuck, just like Catholicism.

Of course the Pope is lying through his teeth. To paraphrase Stewie on Family guy "Jesus' abilities may have been a tad exaggerated."