Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vatican and Opus Dei Take off the Gloves, Attack the New York Times for Tying Pope to Sex Abuse Scandals

     There will be no turning of the other cheek for Pope Benedict and the Vatican.  No mea culpas.  No public confession or penance.  There is only denial, the same old story that Ratzinger didn't know, and the continuus blaming of local bishops and the evil media.

     Cardinal William J. Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, just issued the New York Times some fighting words in a statement entitled, "The New York Times and Pope Benedict XVI:
how it looks to an American in the Vatican."  Levada attacks specific journalists and sticks to the Vatican party line: the pope is perfect, has done tons of stuff to curb sexual abuse, and didn't have anything to do with the sexual abuse cases to which he's been connected.  He claims that the U.S. bishops have been successful dealing with sexual abuse since the adaptation of the 2002 Dallas Charter.  (To see how poorly Levada fared handling the sexual abuse crisis in his former diocese, San Francisco, check out Bishop Accountability.)

     Here's how it looks to an American in the trenches back here in the States.  The cover-up I witnessed took place in 2004, long after the beloved Dallas Charter.  Levada is a hypocrite.  During a week when the college of bishops celebrates the death of their innocent savior on a cross, not a single one of them is willing to sacrifice his own pride in the face of an ever-expanding mountain of evidence that the Vatican and Pope Ben's hands are dirty in certain cases of sexual abuse and cover up.    

     The New York Times responded to Levada's statement:
     The Times said its reports were "based on meticulous reporting and documents.  Some of the particulars were confirmed by the Church, and so far no one has cast doubt on the facts we reported," the newspaper said in a statement issued late on Wednesday. "The allegations of abuse within the Catholic Church are a serious subject, as the Vatican has acknowledged on many occasions. Any role the current pope may have played in responding to those allegations over the years is a significant aspect of this story."
      As for Opus Dei, Reuters reports:
     Conservative Catholic university students from the Opus Dei group rushed to the pope's defense, attacking journalists who have written about the sexual abuse of children by priests as "sowers of mistrust."
     Those Opus Dei folks are just gluttons for punishment, and they know what's best for children.  Watch the video below to see what violent behavior they sow in the minds of their youth.  But remember, if mutilating one's body is done in their god's name, it's not violence.  It's holy.


truthspew said...

Thank you for reminding me what masochists are in Opus Dei.

That part with the nun beating the girl though. About the worst thing I ever got from a nun was being called a "Bold piece".

Good thing I was in school post Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you truthspew...the article is talking about THIS YEAR! Not Pre-Vatican II.