Friday, March 26, 2010

The Vatican Lied. Pope Benedict Knew about Pedophile Priest Returning to Parish Ministry and Should Resign

      H. M. S. (Her Majesty's Ship) Benedict XVI is taking on more water than she can handle.

     One day after the New York Times broke a story of how Pope Benedict refused to reprimand a serial pedophile from Wisconsin and two weeks after news of a pedophile priest's reassignment under Benedict's watch as a bishop in Germany, a new document has been unearthed revealing the infallible one's participation in the enabling of a sexually abusive priest under his care.  

     This new evidence is in direct opposition to the Vatican's recent claim that then-Cardinal Ratzinger was not informed of sexually abusive Rev. Peter Hullerman's return to parish ministry after his short-lived and "curative" stint in counseling.  After reassignment, Hullerman went on to abuse more children.

     The New York Daily News reports:
    When he was a cardinal, the future Pope Benedict was informed that a German priest he helped send to therapy for pedophilia 30 years ago would be returned to pastoral service only days after beginning psychiatric treatment, according to a published report.  The priest, the Rev. Peter Hullerman, was convicted of molesting boys in another parish six years later, and this week allegations surfaced that he abused more boys in 1998.
    Earlier this month, the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising blamed the pedophile priest's return to duty on the the archdiocese's then-deputy, the Rev. Gerhard Gruber. But a key 1980 memo on the case was copied to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then the archbishop of Munich and now the pope. It shows that he not only led a meeting in January of that year approving Hullerman's transfer, but also was kept informed about the priest's reassignment.
     So, the Catholic Church lied a few weeks ago in order to cover for the pope?  How Christ-like of them!

     Of course, the church is not going down without a fight.  ABC News reported the Vatican's response just minutes ago:
     "The then archbishop had no knowledge of the decision to reassign [Reverend Peter Hullerman] to pastoral activities in a parish," the Vatican said in a statement, adding that it "rejects any other version of events as mere speculation".
     The Vatican is sticking to its false story continuing to blame Gruber.  Then why do the documents show that Ratzinger was involved, kept informed, and even lead the meeting in which Hullerman's transfer was approved? 

     Hypocrite Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church stand at a crossroads.  Will they continue to point fingers, hurl lies, and hide behind fortress walls to attack the truth in the name of their own self-preservation, or will the pope resign and admit his place among the criminal  bishops who were more concerned with protecting the reputation of pedophile priests and holy dysfunctional Mother church than with protecting innocent children?

     A real captain goes down with his ship, Ben.

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