Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catholic Bishops Punishing Nuns who Supported Healthcare Reform

     Now, some Catholic bishops, who don't like it when more qualified women disagree publicly with them,  are punishing women religious, who have generations of experience working in the healthcare industry, for supporting President Obama's healthcare reform bill. 

    Because we all know that Jesus refused his healing services to those without Coliseum Care or Blue Phalanx coverage.

     At least two U.S. bishops have taken actions to indicate their disapproval of the support some women's religious communities and the Catholic Health Association gave to the final version of health care reform legislation.
     Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt of Greensburg, Pa., has directed diocesan offices, parishes and the diocesan newspaper not to promote the "vocation awareness program of any religious community" that was a signatory to a letter urging members of the House of Representatives to pass the health reform bill.
     In Providence, R.I., Bishop Thomas J. Tobin asked the Catholic Health Association to remove the diocesan-sponsored St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island from its membership rolls, saying that CHA leadership had "misled the public and caused serious scandal" by supporting health reform legislation that the bishops opposed.
     Here's some of the response of my friend and fellow Catholic priest of the gay diaspora, Fr. Geoff Farrow, to the ongoing punishing of women religious by incompetent bishops concerning healthcare reform:
     If you want to understand why the sisters spoke out on behalf of Health Care Reform legislation you need to understand that the sisters operate Catholic Health Care, a vast network of hospitals. Unlike most bishops who live in immaculately manicured Episcopal Residences and work in equally impressive office complexes. The sisters actually work in hospitals. Unlike bishops, the sisters are not served by doting staffs and surrounded by cadres of sycophants. The sisters actually serve the sick and the poor. They teach children, they don’t cover-up sex abuse violations of children.
     When I worked at a Catholic hospital, patients who were being wheeled in were asked: Do you have health care insurance? If the answer was no, the patient was given necessary immediate care and promptly shipped off to County Hospital. Catholic hospitals are permitted only a specified number of “pro-bono” patients per year. The nursing staff referred to County as “the butcher shop.” One nurse told me, if you graduated bottom of your class in Medical School, you work at County.
     The sisters know all of this. They know it first hand. The bishops know that most women will not go through the pains of childbirth to save $400.00 for an abortion. They know that the legislation in question did not authorize federal payments for abortions. The bishops almost succeeded in sacrificing laws which protect the poor. What stood in their way were the sisters. The sisters were a voice for the poor, the marginalized while the bishops were busy being choir boys for the Republican Party and for an insurance industry that racked up multi-billion dollars worth of profits.


Deldachez said...

Those poor nuns must be trembling because of those empty threats. NOT!!!
How do you say douchebag in ecclesiatical Latin?
Are these guys for real? They must think we are in 1910 not in 2010.

truthspew said...

I loathe Tobin for a multitude of reasons but this move really takes the cake.

Marlene said...

I still think if the nuns took over the Catholic Church and put all the corrupt bishops out to pasture, the chuch might actually become something other than a playground for pedophiles and greedy power-hungry monsters.