Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Pope Benedict, Most Americans Disapprove of Your Leadership

     Pope Benedict XVI turns 83 today.  Here are some ideas for the papal birthday cake.

     Sadly, it's not been a very happy birthday for Ratzinger, as a new CNN/Research Opinion Corp. poll was not the gift he desired:
     Most Americans -- and most American Catholics -- think Pope Benedict XVI has done a bad job of dealing with the problem of sexual abuse by Catholics priests, according to a new national poll. CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey results released Friday also indicate that recent revelations about that matter have hurt the pope's standing with the public.
     Fifty-nine percent of American Catholics questioned in the poll have a favorable view of the pope, down 19 points from February. Among all Americans, the slippage is even greater: from 59 percent in February to just 35 percent today.  "Only a quarter of U.S. Catholics have an unfavorable view of the pope, but they don't seem satisfied with his track record on the growing and persistent scandal within the church," CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said.
     According to the survey, 56 percent of U.S. Catholics disapprove of how Pope Benedict XVI has dealt with the problem of sexual abuse committed by priests; only about one in three Catholics has a positive view of how he has dealt with that subject. An even larger number -- 74 percent -- disapproves of how the church overall has handled that matter.
     Wish and blow, Benny!  I hope your wish to escape the sexual abuse scandal unscathed doesn't come true.  Pedobear disagrees.
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truthspew said...

I don't often wish death on someone but Ratty would be a good candidate for the big sleep.

And here are some very scary thoughts:

No matter who they appoint to replace him when he does kick the bucket, the next pope will probably be knee deep if not chest deep in the same scandals.

And with medical advances being what they are, the next pope could potentially live to 120 years old. Instead of the usual 20 or 30 years he'd get about 60 years.

That should give you nightmares.