Friday, April 16, 2010

Mormon Traditional Marriage: One Gay Man Plus One Straight Woman Equals Big Love

     Gay Mormon writer, Ty Mansfield, who wrote In Quiet Desperation is getting married to a woman.  This is how Mormon, Catholics, and fundamentalist Christian in the United States want to save their "traditional marriage" values.  What hypocrisy!

     Published in October of 2004, this anti-gay message explains that for a gay Mormon, suicide is more honorable and justified than engaging in a homosexual act. Mansfield’s co-authors are the parents of Stuart Matis who, at the age of 32, committed suicide because of an inability to reconcile his Mormon upbringing and his own homosexuality. They also continue to support LDS leaders, who perpetuate discrimination against the LGBT community.

     As a practicing family therapist and doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University, Ty and his beliefs perpetuate a false hope that sexual orientation can be changed and that by way of Mormon doctrine homosexual lifestyles should be rejected and treated as an abhorrent practice. Through inaccurate and false counsel about homosexuality, in the past, gay men were advised to marry women claiming the temptation would subside [just like the Big Love storyline this past season]. And while LDS leaders have stated they no longer perpetuate said advice, as Carol Lynn Pearson explains, “Enough women have been sacrificed on that altar.”
     Mansfield and his fianc矇e Danielle Palmer have announced their wedding date as May 22nd 2010 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.
     To read about Danielle and Ty's story, and how back in her college days as a self-proclaimed "Men's Chorus groupie," she watched Ty sing in the flamboyant BYU choral ensemble, but didn't fall in love with him until the god of Facebook reconnected them, click here

     And this is supposed to restore the sanctity of marriage?  Parents like those of Matis are the ones who are destroying children and families.

     I wonder who his best man is.

How straight are these gals?

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ScottyLDS said...

HOW DARE YOU post this garbage about Ty and Danielle! You don't know them. You don't know the Matis'. You don't know jack. Boy, you better hope your pansy butt never crosses my path. Your misuse of copyrighted material on this blog is something I find offensive. Remove it now, or I will rip you apart as I have done to other pro-homosexual blogs that have posted copyrighted material on their pro-homosexual websites.

I will be in touch with you. If you don't remove this material from your gay blog, I will report you to those entities of whose copyright labels you have greedily, flamboyantly, and vainly mocked!

Draek said...

Spoken like a true Mormon.

Very Christ-like.