Saturday, April 3, 2010

Non-Defrocked Serial Pedophile Rev. Murphy Continued to Molest Boys after Removal from Deaf Boys School

     The Wisconsin sexual abuse case, in which the Vatican refused to defrock serial pedophile-priest Lawrence C. Murphy, is getting worse for the Vatican.

     The New York Times released documents showing how the bishops of Milwaukee and Superior tried to have Murphy defrocked.   These documents include a letter from a "penitent" and pleading Murphy to then-Cardinal Ratzinger begging to be spared because it had been over two decades since he's abused [200] deaf boys.  The Vatican (Ratzinger) refused to defrock Father Murphy because of his good conduct since 1974 and to "favour [sic] the good of souls and avoid scandal."

     Now there is proof that Murphy lied and the Vatican (guided by Ratzinger and their late 1990s, increased scientific knowledge of how sexual abusers operate) let him off the hook.

     Victims are now coming forward from the "good conduct," post-1974 era of Murphy's banishment to his lake house in northern Wisconsin. 

     In fact, around Boulder Junction, in high school religious classes and preparation for the sacrament of confirmation, in sleepovers at his cottage and fishing excursions, Father Murphy interacted freely with children until his death in 1998, never having been punished by the church or local criminal authorities in Milwaukee, according to documents and interviews with people in the area.
     Donald Marshall, who is 45 and lives in West Allis, Wis., said in an interview last week that he was molested by Father Murphy in 1977 or 1978, when he was 13 or 14, a few years after Father Murphy was sent to live in Boulder Junction.
     Mr. Marshall had been sent to the juvenile detention center, the Lincoln Hills School for Boys, for burglaries he said he committed. He said Father Murphy sometimes served at the school as a chaplain, and he met the priest at a dining room table one night. When he got in a fight with some other inmates, Mr. Marshall said, he was sent to a “security cottage” and put in a cell alone, behind a solid steel door with a high window.
     Mr. Marshall said that Father Murphy visited him there, that they sat on the bed talking, and that the priest tried to put his hand down the boy’s pants. Mr. Marshall said he resisted, and as soon as Father Murphy left the cell, the teenager told a security officer, who called the superintendent of the center. The superintendent interviewed him twice to make sure he did not change his story. But Mr. Marshall said the superintendent told him that they had had previous complaints about Father Murphy, and that the priest’s superiors had been told.
     Another accusation, from a former altar boy at a church in Boulder Junction, surfaced in a letter written to a bishop, Raphael M. Fliss, in the Diocese of Superior, covering the Northwoods region. The accuser, now a teacher, came forward in 2002, at age 52, stating that Father Murphy had sexually abused him at his lake cottage. It is not clear whether Father Murphy was still working in Milwaukee when he met the second accuser, who is believed to have been from the Northwoods.  “I want you to know that Father Murphy molested me many times at his cottage in Boulder Jct since I was a little, na├»ve, deaf boy,” wrote the man, whose name had been redacted in the document received by The New York Times.
     Welcome to the punishing world of Lawrence Murphy, known sexually abusive Catholic priest.

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truthspew said...

So Ratzinger cannot claim he didn't know. He knew full well.

This is pretty much a smoking gun.