Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pope Benedict, President Obama, Hitler & Malta's Pedobear

Why is it that when people paint a Hitler mustache on images of Pope Benedict, they're called vandals...

...but, when people put the Hitler mustache on President Obama, they're called patriots?

     The Catholic News Service reports:
     A spray-painted message discovered April 13 on the birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI in southern Germany was quickly painted over, police said. Police spokesman Konrad Rutzinger said the message appeared to be connected to the abuse scandals within the Catholic Church. He declined to provide details of the graffiti's message.  Graffiti also was discovered on billboards promoting Pope Benedict's April 17-18 visit to the island nation of Malta, according to The Times of Malta.
     The vandalism included what is known as "Pedobear," an image that has become a symbol in online communities to mock people showing a sexual interest in underage girls. Other vandals painted images of the pope with a Hitler mustache. The bear image also showed up on the choir stand next to the stage being built for the April 18 papal Mass, the newspaper reported.
     What is this Pedobear?

     Times of Malta explains:
     Pedobear is one of the most popular memes on non-English image boards, and is gaining recognition across Europe. Although the meme is apparently unknown in Poland, it has been used as a symbol of paedophilia by Maltese graffiti vandals.
     Pedobear is the new sign of the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, an internet symbol used to mock those having sex with under age children.  Pedobear is a mocking tool used against people and institutions that sexual abuse children.  For more information see "A Beginner's Guide to Pedobear, the Internet's Favorite Pervert." 

     The Pedobear-Priest is a true sign for the Catholic Church of the new millennium.

     Postscript:  Click here to see the video of Pope Benedict's Billboard with a Hitler Mustache.

Image Credits:
Pope Benedict BillboartDefaced, or Unmasked & Pedobear from Times of Malta
Pedobear on the Papal Stage form Times of Malta
Pedobear from Daily Dish

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