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Patron Saint of Pedophiles: Pope John Paul II Blocked Investigation into Austrian Cardinal Groer, Abuser of 2,000 Boys

     Pope John Paul II, who is on the fast track to sainthood, did not take action against a dear friend of his, Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, who sexually abused an estimated 2,000 boys.  John Paul was aware of the abusive situation and blocked the investigation and never punished the serial pedophile. 

    How's that for saintly virtue?  Saintly virtue, yes, for the Patron Saint of Pedophiles, or the Patron Saint of Pedobear.

     When John Paul II died five years ago the crowd that packed St Peter’s Square for his funeral clamoured “Santo subito (Saint now)!” in a spontaneous tribute to the charisma of the Polish pontiff.  Allegations that the late pontiff blocked an inquiry into a paedophile cardinal, promoted senior church figures despite accusations that they had molested boys and covered up innumerable cases of abuse during his 26-year papacy have cast a cloud over his path to sainthood.

     The most serious claims related to Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, an Austrian friend of John Paul’s who abused an estimated 2,000 boys over decades but never faced any sanction from Rome.
     The Groer affair became public in 1995 when former pupils of an elite Catholic school accused him of sexual abuse.  After an outcry, Groer was replaced and made the prior of a convent. He was never punished and issued only a vague apology in 1998 before retreating to a nunnery where he lived until his death in 2003. Some of his victims were offered “hush money” from the church.  Michael Tfirst, 54, one of Groer’s victims, claims to have reported the abuse to highranking church officials from the 1970s onwards. He says the church paid him £3,300 in 2004 under a contract that obliged him to keep quiet.  “There is no question that Ratzinger knew all the details of reports on abuse within the church, as there is no doubt that John Paul, his superior, took part in a massive and systematic cover-up,” Tfirst said.
     John Paul was expected to be beatified in October but the process may be delayed. A French nun who appeared to have been miraculously cured of Parkinson’s disease through his intercession has reportedly been found to be suffering from a different illness.

     Giancarlo Zizola, a leading expert on the Vatican, said the church officials who had gathered documents and questioned witnesses about John Paul’s suitability for sainthood had examined “negative” aspects of his papacy, including his handling of abuse cases.  “There’s no chance of Benedict delaying the beatification because of the abuse scandal,” Zizola said. “On the contrary, I expect he’ll accelerate it.”
The Face of a Criminal Cleric Protected by a Pope
Image from the Times Online


Fg68at said...

"2,000 boys" seams to much for me. I have this number never read in an Austraian Magazine. (First was "Profil", another is "News")

I have read some sites of Tfirst and from my estimation are his Writings to handle with care.

The now Kardinal Schönborn, said this month in the "Pressestunde" (Talk with 2 journalists, one TV, one Print) for the first time, that Ratzinger had the wish for an investigation, bat the "Diplomats" had have more Power to this time.

Transscript (as picture):

The Line begins with "Stichwort der Papst"

Heretic Tom said...

Here's the google search for "Austrian cardinal abused 2000" and it gives 146,000 hits, including major English language news papers.

Fg68at said...

The weekly most political magazin "Profil" is named from conservative Catolics "anticlerical". But in there was nothing.

I made now your search in German with variations (there are some phrases, which are the most common. groer is inline because it search otherwiese also "groß" = "big").

4 hits, 1 is polska web, all on english sources.

(a south german / austrian word for young boys)
0 hits

Fälle = cases
0 hits

kinder = children
2 hits. 1 from english source india times, 1 are summary 2000 childs from irland

i found it also not at the sites from Tfirst.

in germany, austria, suisse and liechtenstein i know no single perpetrator with 2000 cases. this would be a sensation and the press is behind sience january. and groer is an old case with no new findings. it is well known beacause it is the first big in the press, in 1995.

is there any other (priest)-prepator in the world with 2000 cases, 2000 boys?

In en:Wikipedia it says, with the timesonline sourche, it is from the book "das buch groer". This book was published 1998.

i don'r know the book, but the number would be published in most newspapers, even if we are a very catholic state.

in your google source i have found 1 hit in march 2010.

the other, i have found are all after april 4th 2010.

i found also the timesonline article

there is no mention of the book.

timesindia take from sunday times

Groer was teacher and rector from 1952 until 1986. Then he was cardinal and arcbishop. If he had this 34 years every year a new class with 30 new pupils, and he molested all of them, then it would be only 1020 boys. And he would be the worst knwon molesting priest ever. The deaf-mute case in USA with 200 single pupils was already a big case.

The first knwon case was Hartman. he was abused from 1972 until 1976.

my background: i'm gay, i'm agnostic, former catholic. i write very critical about the church an discuss with conservative catholics in german Wikipedia and a hobby for me is sience 1990 discription of homosexuality in the media. but i'm fair.

Heretic Tom said...

If 2,000 still seems too much for you, why don't you follow the hyperlink to the source of my post in the TimesOnline and email the author asking them where they got the number?

Fg68at said...

Oh! now it works. bevore i bekame everytime a "404" failure.