Thursday, April 22, 2010

Robyn Deane, Transgender Uncle to Gov. Bob McDonnell's Children, Invites Bob to Listen

     His former brother-in-law is transgendered and speaking out against discrimination in Virginia.

     Robin [sic] Deane, who is the father to three of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's nephews and nieces and uncle to five of McDonnell's children, spoke out against discrimination at Richmond's Capitol Square, and says McDonnell had a front row seat to the discrimination he faced.
     In the video below, Robyn speaks about the peace she has found after coming out as transgendered.  She speaks about her values, her family, and her faith.  Then she boldly invites, Gov. McDonnell into dialog with the transgender community of Virginia, stating:
     Maybe I sealed an anger in him toward people like us. On the other hand, maybe I can be a bridge. So I extend the offer publicly to sit down with him sometime and just catch up, shoot the breeze, and find out what we've each been up to and what we each think. And maybe, just maybe, I can help him build a box, and, you know, I might just learn something, too.

     Best wishes, Robyn, and thanks for courageously challenging the Gospel According to Hate.