Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sinead O'Connor Tells Rachel Maddow that Pope Should be Criminally Investigated

     Rachel Maddow interviewed sexual abuse victim-survivor Sinead O'Connor last night about the sexual abuse crisis plaguing the Catholic Church.  The video is embedded below. 

     Here are a few quotes from O'Connor in the interview:
     The Vatican is a 15th Century organization. It's a medieval organization, and what we're seeing here is a battle between medieval thinking and 21st century thinking.
     Whoever was involved in the cover up in child abuse and therefore endangering children should be fired.  The pope should be fired or should stand down. There should be a criminal investigation of the Vatican and of the Pope.
     We need to have it [the church] run by people who actually believe in god.
     Rachel Maddow gives a quick summary of the major sexual abuse cases that have been tied to Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI over the past few months.

Maddow's interview of Sinead O'Connor.


truthspew said...

The other reason O'Connor wrote the op-ed is because American Catholics are teetering on the edge already.

They knew about the cover ups done in the U.S. years ago and to have the wound opened again means the church has now lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

What hypocrisy, this is the same woman who abuses her own children and has a severe mental problem which she refuses to treat. She also supports homosexuality which we all know is what caused all the sexual abuse in the church.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Sinead Oconnor an analyst really...aren´t critics supposed to be objective anyway....she is just a biter one hit wonder who this she can destroy the catholic church.....