Friday, April 9, 2010

Zimbabwe's Roman Catholics Subjecting Gays and Lesbians to Heterosexual Rape in order to Make them Straight; But Good News in Uganda

     There's bad news and good news today, concerning the rights of homosexuals in Zimbabwe and Uganda.

     After last month, when "traditionally" married, self-proclaimed gay-hater, and Roman Catholic President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe vowed not to include gay rights in the nation's new constitution, describing homosexuals as "lower than pigs and dogs," the AP reports:
     Gay Zimbabweans face widespread harassment and some have even been raped by those intending to convert their sexuality, the U.S. State Department said in a discussion of its annual human rights report in Zimbabwe.  Gay men were forced into heterosexual acts and lesbian women were raped, sometimes by male relatives, to teach them to change their ways, said Amanda Porter, political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Harare and compiler of the report.  "Some families reportedly subjected men and women to corrective rape and forced marriages to encourage heterosexual conduct," she said Tuesday.
     Same-sex acts are illegal in Zimbabwe and while there have been no reported prosecutions related to consensual homosexuality in recent years, the offense carries a penalty of up to a year in jail or a fine of up to $5,000.
     She said attitudes and laws in Zimbabwe made gays feel unsafe. Many did not seek medical care, for fear of being shunned by health providers and others who were stigmatized, reported abandoning their education early and suffering higher rates of unemployment and homelessness than other groups.
     So, how does the Vatican feel about its Catholic faithful forcing disgusting, immoral, and hypocritical  heterosexual rape upon homosexuals in order to "cure" them?  Wait a minute.  Who cares?  The child-rape-enabling Vatican has forfeited any authority to speak on matters of a sexual nature.  It doesn't take the myths of religion or god to know that rape in any form is wrong.

     Finally, the good news is from Uganda, where my fellow blogger at Gay Uganda reports that Uganda's kill-the-gays bill has been delayed because a parliamentary panel said the bill lacks enough backing.  We can only hope that this bill with die and that gay Ugandans will not face the death penalty that Christians have been trying to push through parliament.

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