Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's Call Father a Rapist, a Reflection on Sexual Abuse Headlines

     Why is it that when an adult forces another adult to have sex against his/her will we rightfully call it rape, but when an adult forces an underage teen or child to have sex, we call it sexual abuse?  

     For decades the news media has been trying to avoid "scandal" by watering down the language used to describe sexual crimes committed against children.  In doing so, the media has played into the passive veneration of religious figures.    For a reporter's take on this phenomenon, listen to the Freedom from Religion Foundation's interview of journalist William Lobdell.

     It's time to start calling these heinous acts what they are: rape, sexual assault, sexual violence, oral rape, vaginal rape, anal rape, impregnating a child with a child, conspiring within a pedophile ring of priests, scout masters, etc. to gang rape girls and boys.  By not doing so, we continue to deny the gravity of the crimes, favoring the perpetrators over the vicitms.

     Here's a recent example.

     Over the past few weeks, these two headlines made the Montreal Gazette"More legal woes for Quebec Catholic church" and "Que. priest facing more sex-related charges."

     The first of these headlines doesn't even mention the fact that the the poor Catholic church's "More legal woes" are the result of a serial rapist priest named, Father Raymond-Marie Lavoie, who has been accused by eleven victims, all his former students at Seminaire Sainte-Alphonse, in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre.  In fact, five priests conspired to divide up the students, in order to beat them, rape them, and mentally berate them.  "More legal woes" for the poor church?  The story here is that a group of priests ran a pedophile ring out of one of their boarding schools and that the church is about to be sued in a class action lawsuit for harboring a pedophile ring.  Let's call it what it is!

     The second article refers to the eleven making the accusations in the previous article as "alleged young male victims," before later revealing that they were between 12 and 15.  Those are not "young male vicitms."  "Young male" makes me think of 18-22 year olds.  Rather, they are tweens, or boys, or pubescent children going through a confusing physical and emotional transition in their being that makes them vulnerable to sexual manipulation.  They were plotted against and deliberately manipulated by a pedophile ring of priests who then raped and tortured them mentally and physically.  

     Let's call it what it is.  Sexual abuse has become such a watered down term sounding more like a single groping rather than repeated rape.  There is no need to spare the Catholic church, the Boy Scouts, or whatever organization has been harboring these pedophiles, who trade children for sex.  Any leader in these organizations that has protected or deliberately blocked the removal of sexual predators, such as Pope Benedict XVI, is a co-conspirator in a pedophile ring.  

     The scandal is already present.  Let's not water it down, further enabling the denial that allowed these crimes to happen in the first place.

     A press release for a new book entitled i missed me after the terror, during the years of unbearable sorrow makes this same point and calls upon the adults of the world to do away with statute of limitations on sexual crimes perpetuated against children:
     According to a new oral and investigative journalism book addressed to Angela Merkel, Michele Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Alessandra Mussolini and Oprah Winfrey, parents, legislators, reporters and clergy are unaware cliches of "clergy child abuse" mask violent sexual assault of children, including rape, serial rape, gang rape, prostitution, pregnancy, kids giving birth, AIDS abortions, torture and murder. The book calls for an end to all civil, criminal, state and federal statutes of limitation for sexual assault of kids, tweens and teens.
     An expose and practical resource book, i missed me after the terror, during the years of unbearable sorrow: trafficking the holy Spirit, by Alan Allen (Trafford Publishing) provides documentation, interviews, testimony, church canon, healing resources, and a directory of clergy perps by state, country and diocese - to remove cliches to persuade reporters, the public, clergy and legislators to end all such statutes of limitation.
      Book Expose: 'DNA test suggests priest rapes and impregnates 11-year-old, priests gang rape another and nuns sexually assault kids, tweens and teens.'

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