Saturday, May 8, 2010

ROTC Student, Sara Isaacson, Owes Military $80,000 after Don't Ask, Don't Tell Dismissal

     Another honest American has been thrown under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell HUMMER, and it's costing her more than her ROTC scholarship.  Campus Progress Reports:
     Sara Isaacson was an ROTC student at University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill until she came out to her commander as a lesbian. Now 21-year-old Isaacson, who is originally from Wisconsin, owes nearly $80,000 to the U.S. Army for repayment of a scholarship for seven semesters as an out-of-state student.
     In the interview, Sara dismantles the unit cohesion argument that supporters use to argue for continuing DADT.  Sara turns the argument on its side, arguing that DADT actually erodes unit cohesion.
     I think when we talk about arguments about unit cohesion I think that's the most harmful thing you can have to unit cohesion, your platoon in your unit is supposed to be your family, it's supposed to be your support system. If you're putting up walls with your soldiers because you're living in fear every single day that a pronoun's going to slip or that someone is going to somehow find out that you're gay or lesbian or bisexual. If you can't get close to your soldiers who you need to be able to trust with your live, that's really harmful to unit cohesion and to mission readiness because you need to be able to trust everyone implicitly.