Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki Married in DC after Six Decades Together

          In 1942, Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki met while serving their nation during World War II.  They fell in love and have been a committed couple since 1948.  Over six decades they found the acceptance of friends, family, and even their military superiors (who invited them to events as a couple).  Now, in Washington, DC, they have finally been able to declare to those who know them, "We're married."

Bob in his days as a popular Baltimore radio announcer and Henry in the Navy

     The Washington Blade's video report of the couple's history and their wedding is embedded below.  

     Listening to their story, seeing their love, and their commitment, it's incredible that many  compassionate and honest religious people continue to believe that committed couples such as Henry and Bob are diabolical.   

     Click here for pictures of the wedding, via The Washington Post.
     Henry says one of the secrets to longevity in a relationship/marriage is "I'm always right and he gets his way."