Friday, June 25, 2010

Dominican Priest Wants to Destroy Religious Artwork Because He Thinks It Looks Gay

     A new iconoclasm has blossomed in the Catholic Church.  The Church that has blamed its priest/pedophile scandal on gays and the cover-up by popes/bishops on the evil media is now taking its homophobia to new lows, directing its ire at something that can't fight back: art.

Does my gay religious ecstasy make me look gay?
     The Digital Journal reports:
     A Catholic priest at a Dominican Republic resort town wants to destroy artwork in his parish because the painting shows angels with “a homosexual expression.” This confuses the faithful, he argues.
     The painting named "Allegory of the Virgin of Carmen," was concluded 12 years ago by Dominican artist Roberto Flores. The artwork adorns the interior of the church of “Our Lady of Carmen” in the mountain community of Jarabacoa, an agricultural and tourist center located in the Dominican Republic.
     The priest Johnny Duran sparked the controversy surrounding the painting, after promoting the adoption by the Jarabacoa City Council of a resolution that revokes an earlier statement by the same council that designated the mural as municipal heritage. Explaining his reason to to revoke the previous decision and destroy the mural, the priest argues that the church congregation feels uncomfortable by the painting and that the mural does not inspire religious sentiments because the angels there depicted have a “diabolical, homosexual look” in their faces.  Further, he contends that it is not clear whether the angels are male or female.
     Father Johnny Duran, needs a lesson in Catholic mythology.  Angels are are neither male nor female, some argue they are sexless.  They aren't supposed to look male or female, you ignorant moron.

     Some other works of art at risk of being destroyed for their gayness include:

All works by Michaelangelo, starting with the Sistine Chapel
Adam pulls more than just god's finger.

Any artwork of Jesus and the "disciple whom he loved"

All artwork of saints in ecstasy

Anything with cherubs

All portrayals of Jesus with long curly hair and/or with children

All portrayals of sacraments that hint at fellatio

Everything religious ever painted by Leonardo Di Vinci, including:
John the Baptist
The Last Supper 
How diabolical looking are these guys?

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