Friday, June 18, 2010

Joe Barton, BP, Jon Stewart, if the Oil Spill was in Barton's Hometown, and More

     If you haven't heard Representative Joe Barton of Texas' apology to BP for President Obama's holding BP accounatble for the cost of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, deaths, and ongoing oil spill, which is the worst man-made environmental disaster in U.S. history, here's the video.

     Rep. Barton, Methodist,  has received $27,000 in campaign donations from BP and $1.4 million from the oil/gas industry as a whole (Christian Science Monitor), but he represents the best wishes of the Americans whose lives have been taken and/or livelihoods destroyed by the BP oil disaster.  

     Yey, Republicans!  Good luck cleaning up this mess.  You best remove Barton from his post as ranking Republican on the House Energy Committee, if you want to cap this disaster.

     The following images are from the interactive map, where one can see the extent of the BP oil spill were it to be spread over land.

     Here is the extent of the BP oil spill were it to be placed near Barton's hometown Waco and the Texas 6th that he represents.  The spill would cover an area from Austin to Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond.

     The spill would cover an area from the greater Los Angeles and Orange County regions past the northern most suburbs of Los Vegas.
     In comparison to the fish and seafood resources destroyed in the gulf, the oil spill would cover most of the state of Iowa.  Imagine if all that fertile farmland was lost.  Are we to be any less concerned and angry about the loss of fisheries? 
     The spill would easily engulf Washington, DC, most of Maryland and Delaware, all of New Jersey, south eastern Pennsylvania, New York City, and some of Connecticut.
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     Jon Stewart's take on real American Joe Barton's ridiculousness.
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