Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea Party Candidate Rick Barber Calls Conservative Christians to "Gather Your Armies" against President Obama

     Rick Barber, Christian and Republican/Tea Party candidate in Alabama's second district for the House of Representatives, just released a new commercial in which he rants to actors shabbily dressed as the founding fathers.  First, Barber calls for the impeachment of President Obama while a hand fidgets a gun.  Then, over drinks and pistols, he bitches about progressive income taxes and healthcare reform, after which an actor in a powdered wig, supposedly George Washington, calls for the god-fearing people of Alabama to (cue melodramatic bass voice) "gather your armies."
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     What would Jesus do?  Would he know that Rick Barber is a Christian by his love or by his not-so-veiled threats of violence against the President of the United States?

     If anyone still thinks that this Tea Party rhetoric is just speech, let me share this.  My fianc矇 SHE's father, who is a lifelong Alabamian, staunch conservative Republican, fan of Bill O'Reilly, and good Christian, refers to President Obama as "that colored black n----r president."

     This revolting and unabashed racism, homophobia, and xenophobia of the Tea Party America are real.  For those of you in the Tea Party, who aren't violence-inciting frightened racists, you need to get control of your allies.

     Barber's seditious cries for violence against our democratically elected president and government must be addressed.

     For a discussion of treason and sedition in light of Barber's call for war against the U.S. government, see the Democratic Underground.

     Here's Keith Olbermann's take.

     Here's the Rick Barber commercial in its full seditious glory.

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