Friday, October 1, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Responds to LGBT-Bullying-Related Suicides. My Take on Where Kids Get This Stuff

     In the past month, there were four teen suicides related to bullying because the teens were or appeared to be homosexual.

     It's starting even younger. An eleven-year-old boy had his arm broken by two other boys because he was a cheerleader.  People wonder where children learn to do such hateful things.  They learn from adults.

     Bullying doesn't stop after high school.  It becomes free speech

     Here's a tweet that rapper 50cent recently posted.

     Don't forget Senator Saxby Chambliss' staffer posting a comment on Joe.My.God saying "All [gays] must die."  (Don't forget the sleazy lies that got good Christian Saxby elected in the first place.)

     Watch the political commercials coming from the Right. They attack gay rights and paint us as sinners, enemies of the family, and less than human. 

     The Catholic Church in Iowa and Minnesota is disseminating flyers and DVDs calling for votes to ban same sex couple's civil marriages. The Tea Party/Republican candidates and senators are campaigning against and/or filibustering gay rights legislation.

    Children see. They learn.

Here's is Ellen DeGeneres' response to recent LGBT-bullying-related suicides.