Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Last Days of Marriage Equality in Iowa?

     It appears that marriage equality in Iowa is going to die, and possibly very soon. Governor Chet Culver, Democrat, is trailing by double digits in the polls to former Governor Terry Branstad.  

     They also disagreed on whether voters should be able to vote on amending the state constitution to ban gay marriage. The Iowa Supreme Court last year struck down a state law defining marriage as between one man one woman.
     "It has not had an effect on the state of Iowa other than allowing people to make their own decision," Culver said. "We should not write discrimination into the Iowa Constitution."
     Branstad said, "I believe the people have a right to vote on an issue of this magnitude."
     Yes, Branstad.  Let the people vote.  Let's also have them vote on who can divorce, which gods can be validly worshiped, who can adopt, who should be allowed to vote in elections, what language people should speak and, while we're at it, who can be allowed to give birth.


     Will Iowa become the third state in which same-sex couples have equal rights and then have them taken away?  Oh, America, land of the bullying majority.

      Postscript:  Have you received your ticket to the Iowa Catholic Conference's gay (no homo) victory party?  


Anonymous said...

I thought that the Supreme Court of Iowa ruled that we are a Suspect Class, and the SCOTUS ruled VERY similarly! So, who protects us, then, from mob rule and up-holds such a distinction by the courts?

Take Care,