Thursday, October 14, 2010

Republicans Carl Paladino and Jan Brewer and Their Homophobic Hypocrisy

     Anti-gay New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino attacked gays with homophobic hate speech earlier this week.  Since then, his nephew, who is gay, spoke out, offended.  So did Rudy Giuliani.  In turns out that Paladino's not only a homophobe but also a hypocrite.  As a landlord in Buffalo he rented to a gay bar (see video below).  Gay pride is fine as long as it brings in the bucks.

     In Arizona, GOP senate candidate Jan Brewer, who signed the explosive papers-please-anti-immigrant law (leading in the polls by 13.5%), is also gay-baiting (like Christine O'Donnell did in her primary).  Brewer's campaign called for her opponent, Democrat Terry Goddard, to take a lie detector test to prove that he's not gay.  Brewer has excused herself, saying she doesn't need to apologize because she didn't say anything.  Come on.  It was her top political adviser who said it.  I thought that good leaders delegated power, but not responsibility.

    The bullying continues.
     Here's Keith Olbermann's report:


Anonymous said...

It seems the Republican Party has always had a problem with consenting gay adults, while staying silent while their fellow male republican leaders have sex with underaged boys. Now wonder the Catholic Church uses their "Right To Life" group as a way to funnel millions of dollars in campaign contributions directly into the Republican party? They both have the same thing in common - Sexualing abusing boys and then having others cover for them!

libhom said...

Klan Brewer and Paladino represent the real values of the GOP, without the facade. It's really ugly and disturbing.