Monday, October 25, 2010

Tell Clarence Thomas to Apologize to Anita Hill

     This from Credo Action:
     It's been 20 years since Anita Hill courageously spoke truth to power and exposed Clarence Thomas as a stalker and a sexual harasser during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.
     And now Thomas' wife Virginia Thomas, a right-wing Tea Party advocate, in a move as brazen as it is offensive, has asked Anita Hill to apologize to her abuser. Hill said no. But I say it's long past time for Clarence Thomas to apologize to Anita Hill.
     Virginia Thomas' agenda in approaching Anita Hill with her outrageous request is unclear. But it's yet another example the Tea Party adherents brazen attempts to rewrite history and claim victimhood for the powerful even as they launch attack after attack on minority groups -- be they women, gays, African Americans, or immigrants.
     We shouldn't ignore this bizarre incident. We should accept Virginia Thomas' challenge and defend history as we know it.
     Join me in telling Clarence Thomas he should apologize.
     It's easy to do so at the link below.