Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wisconsin Conservatives Go After Domestic Partnership, But Did't They Claim Separate-but-Not-Equal Is Good Enough for Gays?

     One "argument" used by the Right against same-sex couple's civil marriage rights is "Domestic partnership provides all the same legal rights.  Why don't you gays all just get domestic partnerships?"


     Let's take a look at Wisconsin.  It's a middle of the road state.  Not the Neo-Confederate South, nor the Progressive Canadeuropean New England.

     In Wisconsin, domestic partnership falls very short of providing equal protection under the law for same-sex couples.  Fair Wisconsin reports on the disparity of rights and its economic impact on same-sex couples:
     Same-sex couples have fewer economic resources to provide for their families than do their married counterparts: they have lower household incomes and lower rates of home ownership. This is in part because committed same-sex couples do not have access to the full rights, responsibilities and obligations of full marriage equality, which includes over 200 protections under state law and 1,138 protections under federal law.
     Domestic partnerships allow these committed and loving couples a limited level of protection by allowing domestic partners to take family leave from work to care for one another, the ability to make end of life decisions if their partner is unable, and visit their partner in the hospital if they are sick.

    Next issue: the Right's claim that we homos should get domestic-partnered to one another instead of married is also a lie.  In Wisconsin, the Right got their constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage passed using this argument, but that wasn't enough.  Now they are going after Wisconsin's domestic partnership law claiming that it needs to go because it's "too much like marriage."

     A gay rights group and five gay couples are hoping to defend Wisconsin's domestic partner registry against a legal challenge.  Fair Wisconsin and the couples filed a motion Friday asking to intervene in the lawsuit brought by Wisconsin Family Action in August.
     The lawsuit seeks to strike down the registry created by lawmakers last year that gives same-sex couples some legal rights such as the ability to visit each other in the hospital and take medical leave to care for an ill partner.
     The lawsuit brought by the social conservative group argues the domestic partnerships are too much like marriage and conflict with Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage.
     The Right's actions remind me of a patriotic parody we used to sing in grade school.  We had no idea of the political truth of what we were singing:  
     This land is my land.  It isn't your land.  I got a shotgun.  And you don't got one.  If you don't get off.  I'll shoot your head off.  This land was made for only me.



Buffy said...

When marriage equality is up for grabs, the anti-gays will blather about how we should accept Civil Unions/Domestic Partnerships. After all, Marriage is a sacred religious union reserved for heterosexuals and their breeding, yadda yadda yadda.

Then, predictably, whenever the issue of Civil Unions/Domestic Partnerships arises they'll whine that these are "marriage-like" unions that will weaken heterosexual marriage just as much as legal same-sex marriage. Worse yet, they're a stepping stone to legal same-sex marriage so we simply cannot allow them.

The anti-gays cannot be trusted no matter how saccharine-sweet they seem to be when they claim they don't really hate us, but they're just "defending" their traditions/marriage/beliefs/whatever. Their only goal is to keep us second-class citizens, and to make sure we have as few rights and protections as possible.

Heretic Tom said...

Buffy, you are completely right! It's the "slippery slope" argument that they argue from. They can't let us have anything or the nation will slide down the slope to hell.