Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pope Benedict Laps up Conservative Anglican Converts Who Want to Keep Women from Ordination

     The Los Angeles Times reports:
     Five Anglican bishops announced Monday that they will accept an offer from Pope Benedict XVI to convert to Catholicism, primarily over their opposition to the Church of England's decision to ordain female bishops.
     The five bishops, in a joint statement, spoke of their distress caused by developments in the Anglican Church that they felt were "incompatible with the historic vocation of Anglicanism and the tradition of the church for nearly 2,000 years."
     Because when you're looking for an institution that maintains the "God[sic]-given" "historical vocation" to repress women, there's nothing like the Roman Catholic Church.  How's that for communion and a spirit of ecumenical dialog?


Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it?
In a situation that bolsters the reputation of the Catholic church as being conservative and 'true to it's values', they allow married men to enter the church as bishops.

They are not listening to the people especially the women. We want married priests, we want extended roles for women in the church. We want 'family' values.

Yet, in thumbing it's nose at women clergy, the church undermines it's on rule against married priests by allowing these and other married priests/bishops into the church.

It is a slap in the face to us who are told 'do as we say', but we,the church, can break the rules when it suits us!

Doorman-Priest said...

Good riddance.