Friday, January 1, 2010

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8th Hate of Christmas: the Ultimate Family Question

The 8th Hate of Christmas According to Heretic Jennifer:

The top ten things I hate about Christmas:

10) The irritating bell ringers who give dirty looks and try to make you feel guilty when you don't drop money in their buckets - I know some who are working as bell ringers and I would never trust them with the money. I'll donate directly to the organization, thank you.

9) Only Christmas movies on TV during December. I can only handle so much and twenty-four hours of a movie on the same channel.  Please give me a variety. Over the weekend the same four movies were on almost every channel!

8) Christmas decorations in the stores before September. Unless it's a craft store where you need the time to make the decoration, I don't need to see Christmas decoration for sale until November. Can't we get past Halloween first?

7) Christmas music on radio stations before Thanksgiving.  Three of my six preset  stations in my car switched to full-time Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  I mean please, it isn't even Christmas yet and I'm sick and tired of hearing "Jingle Bells"!

6) The suddenly "religious" people who have started asking for prayers and quoting bible verses and saying the "reason for the season."  If they were so religious, why didn't they start before? They are the same ones who I know go to church only on Christmas and Easter, so please!  And people wonder why I gave up on the idea of organized religion in high school.

5) The lines at your everyday store where you just need to run in and pick up something like laundry detergent or shampoo and have to wait behind the shopper with a million things in their carts who argue about what is on sale elsewhere. There should be a non-Christmas shopping line or an actual express line where they enforce the ten-items-or-less rule.

4) I save up in order to spend lots of money on my nieces and nephews (gotta spoil them!) but just once I would like it acknowledged by my sister who makes four time as much money as me, has a two income household, and every year regifts to me something that she got from someone else and couldn't return. Almost always something that she knows that I will never use!

3) The assumption that because I am single, I should have no problem juggling a schedule to get time off to spend with the family.  But the job also assumes that, since I am single with no kids, I should work so that those with kids and family can have the day off! Can't afford to lose the job so the winner is...

2) The most over used statement when I talk to or see relatives & friends: "You are so good with the kids! It's a shame you don't have any of your own." I hear it over, and over, and over...

1) And the top thing I hate about Christmas: the most asked question that makes me want to scream: "So, are you seeing anyone special yet?" A.K.A.: You're in your mid-thirties so why aren't you married or engaged yet?