Monday, February 1, 2010

Escatology, Ssepma, and the "Natural" Law

Escatology: the practice of blaming the end of civilization or the world on homosexual males, based on the faulty assumption that all gay men eat "poo poo;" common belief held by conservative Christians and Muslims, both in the United States and abroad.

     Two weeks ago, Ariel Rubin of the Huffington Post exposed yet another level of the lies, scare tactics, and dangerous ignorance being manipulated and preached by pro family pastor Martin Ssempa, who is the holy cleric leading the charge to pass Uganda's proposed Bill No. 18, otherwise known as the kill-the-gays bill.  The blogosphere has been abuzz with comments, posts, and responses to Ssempa's pornographic  argument for executing gays or at least putting them in prison for life.  Rubin reports on Christian man of god, Ssempa's recent press conference:
    A pornographic slideshow of black and white photographs of men engaging in scatological fetishism is revealed. "I want to show you from their website", he proclaims, a devious smile forming. "I've taken the time to research what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom. It is inhuman, it is animalistic, and it cannot be right. I want to show you these pictures." The audience lurches forward, leering at the pictures and groaning in disgust. Ssempa, enthusiastically goes on:
     "I want to say homosexuals eat each other's poop. Homosexuals stick their hands into their rectum. Homosexuals stick all sorts of deviant sexual things into their rectum. I want to show you this is from their website. So the first picture that I want to show you, you can see this man has just eaten the other person's poo poo and is rubbing it on his mouth, and I'm going to ask that we print for each of you a photocopy of this story so you get it fully.
     "Then, of course, they are grabbing each other's gentials, that is level number one, touching each other, grabbing each other. Then number three, now they are licking each other's anus and are licking poop. And they call poo poo, chocolate. You see it is a change of words. I want you to see, Sheikh please forgive me but I want these people to see, they say a picture is worth one thousand words. This is a man eating the other person's poo poo, can you see that one? Please from BBC, I want you to tell them, we know what they do. "
     This coming from a man of god, a community and church leader, and yet also the co-author of a bill which makes touching another person "with the intention to commit homosexuality" an offense punishable by life in prison. He concludes, "After they have eaten poo poo, then he puts his hand inside the other man's rectum. You can see it. That is called fisting. FISTING! Practiced by 65% of all homosexuals. It is deviant! As if that is not enough, he puts it all the way," he pauses for effect and then excitedly grunts, "iiiiiin!" The audience erupts in laughter.
     It would be easy to laugh at Ssempa's views and hasty generalizations.  I mean, come on, 65% of gay men fist?  I have never met a single gay man that says he fists, and online, where people are very open on their preferences about what they do and don't like, an extremely small percentage of gay men fist, and very, very few people indicate that they like scat play.  Ssempa is ridiculous, and I'd like to ignore him, but Ugandan's lives are at stake and his views are still being used to spread homophobic lies and discrimination in the United States

     Ssempa used a porn movie from an internet fetish site and concluded that all, or at least the majority of homosexual men, engage in these same fetish activities.  [WARNING: do not click on the remaining hyperlinks in this paragraph, unless you are okay with seeing graphic sexual images.]  Using this logic, one can also assume that all married couples swap their wives and swing, as the hetero sex site, Wink, Wink, Play, Play: The Adult Social Network for the Swinglifestyle, indicates.  Or why not click on Affair Match, where all "traditionally" married heterosexual couples go to cheat on their spouses?  Or head on over to where all you married heterosexuals can chose from over two and half million practitioners of bondage, S&M, leather, or any fetish of your choosing?  And finally, Ssempa's argument really falls apart, when one has brains enough to Google and discovers that there are also heterosexual "poo poo" sites, like the Scat Porn Diary or even the  more daring Puke Scat.

     The thing that really sets me off, about Ssempa and many of the anti-LGBT comments that have been fielded over the past two weeks and over the centuries since Thomas Aquinas ate himself into oblivion, is that religious folks, especially Catholics, claim the Natural Law Theory of Aquinas and that god's will for what is right and wrong is discernible in they way that things have naturally been created.  The church claims absolute knowledge of god's will and revelation through its own interpretation of natural law, full of projection and superstition.   For example, one could argue that according to natural law everything in the universe is recycled: water, plant matter, dead stars, energy, etc.  From that simple observation, according to the natural law, reincarnation would seem logical.  Why wouldn't the "soul" be recycled like everything else?  But Catholics don't believe in reincarnation, so the natural law can't be interpreted that way.

     What homophobic religious zealots like Ssempa, Pat Robertson, and Pope Ben do is project their own heterosexual (questionable in the case of Pope Ben) understanding onto creation.  It's obvious that they've never had an erect penis against their prostates, or even a mere finger for that matter.  If they had, they would know that the male body was created or evolved with a very powerful pleasure spot three or four inches inside the anus, just where an erect penis is perfectly shaped and formed to stimulate.  So apparently, human males were created with the ability to pleasure other human males up the butt.  I, myself, have never known the "natural" urge or desire for sex with a woman: no attractions, no fantasies, no wet dreams.  I have always fallen in love with men.  I've been this way since I can remember.  So, in my experience, following my natural way of being is homosexual.  To have sex with a woman seems unnatural to me, but I don't project this onto the world claiming that all men have to be gay.

    Ssempa also has no understanding of douching and bathing.  Does he have sex with his wife when she's bleeding out?  I doubt it?  So, why does he assume that gay men have no sense of cleanliness?  Homophobic ignorance and bigotry.

     What all of you gay people don't understand is that you defy the logic of the creation of man and man, man and woman, and woman and woman. There is no natural way for you to have intercourse so you resort to what many think is disgusting. Anytime someone attempts to enter someone else [sic] anus, the result has to be some amount of poop. Sempa [sic] is absoultely [sic] right to mention this...these are the unspoken disgusting aspects of homosexuality for men and truly it is a disgusting thought for anyone to comprehend. Even without Sempa's [sic] explanation, he still can just say, they use their anus' [sic] for pleasure. DISGUSTING! We are trained from a very young age to treat poo poo as disgusting.
     Just for shits and giggles, let's turn the tables on anonymous' train of thought, by changing just a few words:
     There is no natural way for you HETEROSEXUALS to have intercourse so you resort to what many HOMOSEXUALS think is disgusting. Anytime someone attempts to enter someone else [sic] VAGINA, the result has to be some amount of BLOOD.
     Sex whether it's hetero or homo involves bodily fluids in germ-infested holes that either bleed, poop, or have teeth. 

     Parts of the body, naturally serve multiple functions, some involving waste and others sensory pleasure.
  • The nose: it smells, is a passage for breathing, expels phlegm, and drains the head of infection. 
  • The mouth: it chews, it tastes, it provides a breathing passage, it is our species' instrument for verbal communication and intimate touch, and it provides an escape passage for poisons and toxins that one might accidentally ingest. Vomiting and tooth decay are disgusting, but you heteros still kiss your wives (and mistresses).
  • The penis: it's used for ejaculating semen and also for passing urine and kidney stones. Does that mean that all heterosexuals use their penises to urinate up their female partner's vaginas?  Of course not!
  • The vagina: it's an outlet for the urethra and urine; a pleasure center for tactile and sexual stimulation; a drainage passage for blood, unused uterine and embryonic tissues, a canal for "god's" natural abortions (that make up about 10-20% of pregnancies that women know about and 50-70% of pregnancies end in natural spontaneous abortions-so much for natural law proving that god wants every fertilized embryo to be born a baby); and finally, the vagina is the passage for birth, with all of its blood, fluids, mucus plugs, and meconium.  So does this mean that all heterosexual males drink blood, eat naturally aborted embryonic feces, and smear expelled uterine baby "poo poo" on their lips?  Of course not.
     So why is is so hard for homophobic religious people to understand that the anus, like every other hole in the body, serves multiple functions?

     Again to restate and rework cowardly anonymous' words:
     "We are trained from a very young age to treat VAGINAL BLOOD as disgusting." 
     It's in the Jewish and Christian scriptures.  Look it up.  You might find that your god thinks you deserve a good stoning.

     Until then, as one of my believing friends says: "If god didn't want men to fuck, god wouldn't have given us holes."  Not as elegant as Catholic natural law, but definitely simpler and truer. 

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