Thursday, February 4, 2010

St. Mel, Patron Saint of Hypocrites

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     In an interview with WGN's Dean Richards, ultra conservative Catholic, adulterous director of The Passion of the Christ, sometimes drunk, antisemitic and homophobic, and always angry Mel Gibson paraded his true colors for all to see.  Some are calling Mel's latest revelation of character "The Most Entertaining Thing Mel Gibson Has Done in a While."

     Mel showed once again that he's a true hypocrite and incapable following his beloved "savior's" example of turning the other cheek.  Instead, Gibson made it clear that he's the one "banging in the nails."  Did he forget that while in rehab they took everything sharp away from him?

     Be sure to watch the entire one minute video clip embedded below.  Mel plays the martyr, saying that he did all the necessary mea culpas to make up for his past sins.  The true expression of his hypocrisy comes after he thinks he's off camera.  Who's the ass hole now, Saint Mel?

P.S. Edge of Darkness flopped.  It was St. Mel's worst opening since remaking Maverick.