Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do Ask, Do Tell!

     According to the talking heads of the Republican political smear-the-queer machine, the end of the world is upon us: Acockalypse Now!  

     It's all the old gay-panic defense (aCock2Lips Now!) and the myth that each gay man is a depraved animal incapable of self-control and wants to indiscriminately screw every straight man, regardless of his gross unattractiveness.  Wait, didn't we hear this type of defense before?  

     Yes we did, back when our Confederate ancestors denigrated black men claiming they were animals that would rape their white women (even though these upstanding Christian white men raped their slave girls on the side).  John McCain, you remember Strom Thurmond tucking you in at night with tales of the good ole days, don't you?

     Watch Acockalypse Now! below, courtesy of Current TV: